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Best phone holders for running

Keep track of your device without losing a step with our pick of the best phone holders for running

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Your phone has plenty of potential uses mid-run, whether you’re recording your stats, blasting some music to give you extra momentum or finding your way with the GPS, but it can often be a hassle to carry. 


Thankfully there are a range of phone holders available that will help you reap the benefits of your running apps while tucking it out of the way so you can focus on your form.

So if you like the idea of strapping your phone on your arm for easy access, storing it on your chest to balance the weight, or keeping it completely out of sight in a running belt, we’ve got you covered with our picks of the best phone holders. 

All picks have been chosen based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

Best phone holders for running in 2022

Gritin Running Armband for iPhone

Credit: Amazon

Keep your hands free on your next run while keeping your phone close by with this armband from Gritin. Made from Lycra and neoporene it’s said to be super soft and skin-friendly, with a flexible strap that’s designed to adjust comfortably to your arm without bouncing or becoming a distraction. 

Gritin says the sensitive screen cover won’t get in the way of shuffling your playlist or launching your running app, so you can start and stop your tracker without any issues.

There’s even a small slot so you can store your house key, and if you’re heading out in low light there’s also a reflective strip on the phone holder for added visibility. 

Runitude Phone Holder Vest

If you’d prefer a chest strap for holding your phone, this vest from Runitude will fit a wide range of phone styles and sizes. 

A lightweight item at a claimed 159g, it’s made from a neoprene material and frictionless Lycra in order to boost breathability and feel like it’s barely there on your next outing. 

There are also additional pockets for any extra items you may have on you, such as cash and keys, with room on the straps to attach a light if you want to head out after dark and still stay visible. 

Kalenji Large Phone Running Armband

This adjustable armband from Kalenji has a Velcro strap, which means you can adjust it to get the ideal fit for your arm. 

Your touch screen should be easy to see thanks to the clear pane and the holder itself is available in a variety of colours that range from a simple and sleek black to something more colourful like the brand’s light green or quartz pink options. 

FlipBelt Classic

Designed to sit on your hips without riding up or bouncing while you run, the FlipBelt is said to have plenty of room for your phone, as well as other running essentials like gel packs come race day. 

FlipBelt says it’s been made in a way that you’ll forget you’re even wearing the belt. The lack of buckles and straps is said to ensure pinch or aggravate the skin, while a moisture wicking material is also utilised to help manage sweat and keep you comfortable.

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Nike Lean Plus Running Armband

With a clear window that’s said to protect your phone from the elements while giving you easy access to your screen, this armband from Nike could be a good companion for your next run. 

It has a simple design, with a hook and loop closure that will adjust to the size of your arm. It’s been constructed in a way to help keep it in place whether you’re heading out for a quick 5k or have an intense workout planned.

Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra

At a glance, this sports bra wouldn’t seem like it has much storage space, but it has several clever pockets that can hold onto your phone and other essentials. 

There’s a slot made specifically for your phone on the back, which is tucked securely out of the way, as well as side pockets that are designed for your card, keys or money.

Freetrain V1 Vest

Promising the most streamlined and balanced storage for your next run, this vest from Freetrain has a specially made pocket on the front for your phone, with a clasp that can be undone if you want a full and clear access to your screen. 

This means you can check your time, change the song, or track your location on the move without losing a step on your run. 


Freetrain says the vest has a durable and waterproof construction that shouldn’t feel too heavy due to the lightweight materials used.