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Reviews Reflex Nutrition’s The Edge energy drink – review

Reflex Nutrition’s The Edge energy drink – review

Great tasting, high-tech formulation and good price

Described as “the most comprehensively formulated and advanced energy formula available on the market today”, Reflex’s The Edge provides both glucose polymers and fructose for rapid energy uptake.

Unlike most energy drinks however, The Edge also contains added whey protein isolate (3.6g per 25g serving), which is claimed to help reduce muscle damage during exercise.

In addition, The Edge incorporates ‘PlasmaMax’ – a blend of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants designed to support and enhance endurance performance. This is topped off with added probiotics, which can help support immunity.

Technology aside, The Edge was easy to mix, resulting in a very refreshing and authentic pineapple flavour, with a perfect level of sweetness. It was also very light on the stomach, even during hard training sessions.

Even better than that, its price of just 2p per gram represents excellent value for money.

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