Brooks Glycerin 11

Superb, technologically advanced shoe to consume the miles

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Brooks have taken a step forward with one of their most popular ranges, the Glycerin (375g per shoe), utilising 3D printing to produce the shoe’s upper.


It’s surely a peek into the future where custom shoes should plummet from their prohibitive cost. Brooks utilised the technology to create a near stitch-free panel for greater comfort and more pliability.

And they’ve succeeded. It’s one of the most comfortable shoes we’ve tested.

While out of the box it appears a clunky beast (primarily due to the replacement of the DRB Accel with more midsole and outside material), in use the transition through run gait is smooth and natural, possibly due to the Omni Groove outsole that offers good flex and durability.


With its reflective decal flashes, autumn and winter are when the Glycerin will come into its own, favouring long efforts over intense bursts of speed. Impressive stuff…