Triathlon bikes: 7 of the best top-end contenders for Ironman

Got money to burn on a new tri bike? Here are 7 top-end rides built specifically for triathlon, from £5,664 to £14,650

Lucy Charles on  her Specialized S Works Shiv during the 2018 Ironman World Championship. (Photo by Nils Nilsen/Getty Images for IRONMAN)




The most popular bike brand at the Ironman World Championships again broke the mould with the release of the P5X. Here’s a tri superbike that remains easy to transport and with a huge range of adjustability, with stopping power provided by disc brakes. The downsides are that price tag and a weight that edges over 10kg.

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You’re looking for a reliable, smooth and fast bike for 226km racing, then the PR Six from QR should fit the bill. Sometimes when you try to put in more watts on a TT bike, you don’t always feel 100% comfortable, but riding the PRSix is an assured and exhilarating experience. Plus, here’s a tri bike that responds well when you’re riding uphill!

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Brit star Lucy Charles rode the Shiv to second place at the 2018 Ironman Worlds, and the new Shiv features masses of integrated storage for nutrition and tools. But arguably the most striking feature is the fork, which extends all the way from the axle to the bars, and is said to improve the handling in winds.

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If your priority is owning a bike that looks like a Flying-V guitar, then this is the one for you. It’s hugely enjoyable to ride and swift, while the handling is as impressive as those looks. Sadly there’s a lack of tri-specific race-day storage and that price is outrageous.

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The front end of the Omni is without doubt its best part and the most comfortable element of the entire frame. It’s the feature that makes the bike a true rocket. Yet the main deficiency of this race horse is the same thing that makes it a fantastic ride: its uniqueness, which means that bike mechanics aren’t used to working on its components.

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Our test team labelled the Andean a ‘genuine bar-raising superbike’ in 2017, praising its speed, smoothness and relative value for a tri superbike. It also carries everything you need and the custom build means you can spec better brakes and shifting if you wish.

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£11,000 (without wheels)

Overall, the TR+ is a highly impressively-performing all-round ride and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute riding it. We can’t prove just how aerodynamic it is as we haven’t taken it into a wind tunnel as of yet, but the fact that it’s already made history with its record-breaking feats in Hawaii speaks volumes. It certainly accelerates and holds speed in an impressive way. The TR+ handles itself through road twists, turns and descends with confidence-boosting ease.

Added to this – and the cherry on the cake – is that the TR+ is easily the most comfortable tri bike we’ve ridden over longer distances.

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