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Best Peloton alternatives for triathletes

Want an indoor cycling experience similar to Peloton but without spending so much? Here's our pick of the best training exercise bikes on the market

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For those who don’t quite have the budget for a Peloton or are looking for something that better matches their style of training, we’ve put together some recommendations below that should get your heart racing.


From simple training exercise bikes that do the job with few frills to high-tech LCD screens that will monitor every detail of your performance, there’s plenty to choose from below.

Of course, some of these choices don’t come with the large screen or virtual classes you can sign up to, but there’s nothing stopping you use them with the Peloton app or another platform like Zwift or Bkool.

Picks have been based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews, while we’ve also tried to find options across a range of price points.

Best Peloton alternatives to buy in 2022

Nordictrack Commercial S22i

When set up alongside the iFIT membership you’ll be able to take part in live, global workouts to give you that extra motivation and push to see you through an intense cycling session. 

It has 24 different resistance levels built in that you can manually switch to, helping find the exact tension that will build your strength and cardio. 

The screen on the console is also an impressive 22 inches so you can feel fully immersed in the action thanks to the HD display, which is also touchscreen so you can navigate the menu without losing your pace. 

The bike is made from metal, so should feel nice and sturdy even when you kick it into a higher gear, while its silent magnetic resistance is said to be quiet enough to use whenever you’d like to fit in a workout, without disturbing anyone around you. 

Echelon EX-3 Smart Connect Bike

The EX-3 Smart Connect has been designed with comfort at the forefront, with an adjustable set-up that lets you find the best spot for your long cycle rides. 

The base itself has a seat adjustment with a range of six inches and the console that holds your tablet can be flipped 180 degrees. 

This is where you’ll be watching your workout guides when paired with the Echelon Fit app, which will showcase live classes and deliver all the stats of your latest workout so you can compete with others on the leaderboard or simply aim to outperform your last ride. 

Buy EX-3 Smart Connect Bike now from Echelon.

Dripex Magnetic Resistance Indoor Exercise Bike

Control the intensity of your home cycling workout with this adjustable exercise bike from Dripex, which lets you change the resistance of the ride with a variety of tension levels. 

It comes with a handy LCD display so you can track vital details like your speed, time and distance, as well as pulse handles that can monitor your heart rate. 

Promising to be both smooth and silent, this could be an ideal ride day or night for those on a budget. 

Renpho AI Smart Exercise Bike

The Renpho AI smart exercise bike comes readily equipped with a free app that has over 70 classes with no membership necessary. 

This means you can tap into plenty of courses coached by professional riders, or simply opt into a scenic ride to see you through your next sessions. 

Every aspect of this bike can be adjusted for comfort and efficiency from the height of the saddle to the position of the handlebars, with a saddle that boasts premium airflow.

There are up to 80 resistance levels so you can find the setting that works for you and measure your improvement as you change the intensity, with a swift and quiet servo motor that they say can be used at night without waking anyone. 

Ultrasport F-Bike

A simple setup on the cheaper end of the scale, this bicycle trainer will get the job done without any bells and whistles. Instead it has eight resistance levels which will give you a decent range to find your level and test yourself. 

Ideal for a smaller home or a garage, this bike can be collapsed and packed away when not in use to save space, and can be adjusted each time to find the perfect seat height and handlebar reach. 

NOHrD Indoor Bike Oak

Once you’ve mounted the sleek wooden base, which ranges from oak and walnut to cherry, ash and club, you should have an experience that’s as smooth as it is intense. 

It boasts an infinitely variable resistance, which means you can set it to the point of maximum difficulty if you choose, with the option to adjust the handles whether you’d prefer to sit in an upright position or want to go hard in race mode. 

It also has the option of a tray where you can place your laptop if you want to follow a live workout on the NOHrD Bike App (or any over platform) or a clip to attach your tablet instead.

Buy NOHrD Indoor Bike Oak now from WaterRower.

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22

Let the bike lead the way with this intuitive system that will allow the iFIT trainers to change your resistance levels automatically so you can focus on the ride as you improve your endurance. 

With a 22-inch screen mounted on the front of the bike you’ll be able to get into the zone with little distraction while monitoring your performance stats to gauge exactly how you’re doing. 

The screen can even swivel to the side if you want to change up your training, or follow some of the instructional videos available on the app.

If you’d prefer to stick to standard cycling you should be able to do so for plenty of sessions without becoming uncomfortable thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars. 

Buy Studio Bike Pro 22 now from ProForm.

Domyos Training Exercise Bike 500

This portable exercise bike comes with two wheels mounted on the front to help you transport it in your home so you can begin your cycling training. When planted on its stand it claims to be especially stable so you can give it your all with an intense workout. 


The separate bars are adjustable so you can change the position of the seat and handlebars which are made of a no-slip material. It also has an 18kg flywheel which promises a smooth riding experience.