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Deda Elementi Jet One Clip-on review

Would you spend £849.99 on a set of clip-on aerobars? We test out the Deda Elementi Jet One Clip-on bars to find out if you should...

Deda Elementi Jet One Clip-ons
Credit: Jack Sexty

No, we haven’t added an extra digit by mistake… there’s no denying that Deda Elementi’s Jet One Clip-On bars are extremely expensive, and cries of “you could buy a bike for that!” were ringing around my ears before I even unboxed them.

Even so, if the extensions were good enough for Tadej Pogacar (before he switched to prototype Enve bars for the 2024 Giro D’Italia time trials) then I was fascinated to see what the Jet One Clip-Ons could do for me and my considerably more modest goal of having a more aero front end for triathlon.

While these prices aren’t unheard of when it comes to specialist extensions, options from the likes of Aerocoach and Wattshop are reserved for time trial and triathlon bikes, so the Jet Ones are some of the most luxurious clip-on bars I’ve seen.

You can run them on a triathlon bike with Deda’s own base bar, which has a round middle section to accommodate clip-ons, or you could go for the (slightly cheaper) Jet Two with direct mounts to fit a wide range of tri base bars from other brands.

How we tested

Each and every one of the products reviewed for our list of the best clip-on aerobars have been tested over a period of several weeks. Each set of bars has been assembled by Jack Sexty, our expert tester, and taken out on multiple rides on a mixture of course profiles. This allows us to decide how to rate a product, which we do using criteria that includes ease of assembly, value for money, comfort, weight and how much adjustment is on offer.

Ease of assembly

For such a serious bit of kit, set-up was surprisingly easy, with the bracket attaching to my drop bars similarly to any other clip-on.

You get 30mm and 15mm spacers included, plus numerous bolt sizes to set your stack, which is perhaps fewer options than I expected, but I was happy with my set-up.

There’s a handy computer mount that fixes to the left bar, which is compatible with some of the best bike computers around, including ones from Garmin, Wahoo or Bryton units.

Comfort and ride feel

Deda Elementi Jet One Clip-ons
Credit: Jack Sexty

Rather than a standard armrest and separate extensions, the Jet has continuous pieces of high-modulus carbon with deep grooves all the way up to the last 10cm of the bars, housing almost your entire forearms.

I felt a little vulnerable when I first grabbed the extensions, perceiving that my brakes were less accessible; but after a while the nervousness subsided, and I began to appreciate the extra comfort afforded by my entire forearms being nestled inside the extensions.

I’m not sure everyone will get on with how enclosed your arms are and how deep and aggressive your tuck will be due to the shape and position of the bars, but highly experienced, elite riders will likely reap the benefits.

The bottom line

Overall, I came away impressed but conflicted after my test rides.

For a triathlete who simply wants clip-ons for their road bike, there are few circumstances I could recommend them outside of the pro ranks, and even then, there aren’t many races where an elite would opt for a road bike with clip-ons.

As one of the promo shots on the inside of the box alludes to, the Jet Ones would be better suited to elite gravel racers, where optimal forearm comfort in your aero tuck is even more crucial covering long distances over harsh terrain.

For triathletes, I think there’s a much stronger case for purchasing the Jet Two with direct base bar mounts for a high-end tri bike build, and consulting with a specialist bike fitter to make sure you’re getting the best out of them.

Want to know what else is available on the market? Take a look at our list of the best clip-on aerobars for triathletes.

220 Triathlon verdict

Very good, but very specialist and very, very expensive. Score: 70%


  • Comfortable
  • Aggressive aero position likely to reduce drag considerably


  • Very expensive
  • Position unlikely to suit everyone

Deda Elementi Jet One Clip-on specs

Available from:Buy now from Sigma Sports
Weight:660g (size small)
Extensions length:340mm (size small), 370mm (size medium)
Extensions angle:15°
Profile image of Jack Sexty Jack Sexty Editor at road.cc


Former 220 staff writer Jack Sexty is now editor at Road.cc. Jack has raced everything up to Ironman distance, is a sub-2hr Olympic-distance athlete and has represented GB at the ITU World AG Champs on several occasions. He's also a regular kit tester on the pages of 220 and holds two world records for pogo jumping – Longest distance pogo stick jumping in 24 hours and Most consecutive jumps on a pogo stick.