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Best parallette bars to buy in 2024

Master this fundamental bodyweight training tool to see your strength go through the roof

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Parallette bars, or parallettes, began as a little-known gymnastics device, a miniature version of the parallel bars. However, in recent years, they’ve gathered widespread attention that spans far beyond the gymnasium.

It’s not hard to understand why. A good, sturdy pair of parallette bars unlocks a variety of strength-building exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home.

Due to the added elevation, they offer a wider range of movement for your body to work through. This can be a great way to improve upper body and core strength, stability, balance and power output.

Not to mention, they’re particularly affordable, especially compared to free weights and weight machines, or the long-term cost of a gym membership.

You can master the movement with some high repetitions or add a weighted vest to provide some added resistance.

What to consider when buying paralette bars?

Size and length

Overall size is an important factor to consider, depending on the kind of exercise you’re aiming to master.

Shorter parallettes can be great for push ups and L-sits, but may not be tall enough for exercises that require greater depth or room for your legs.

Longer parallettes allow for more space to transition between movements and can unlock exercises like a row or a dip. However, if they’re particularly tall they may not be the most convenient for other fundamentals, such as the push-up.


Parallettes can generally be categorised in two groups of materials:

  • Metal parallettes are extremely durable but may have a slight flex. There’s also a chance they become slippery with sweat. For some added grip it may be useful to wrap them in tape, use chalk, or invest in some weightlifting gloves.
  • Wooden parallettes offer a more traditional feel, are often considered to be more comfortable and have superior grip. However, they can suffer chips and often aren’t quite as durable as their metal counterparts.


If you’re looking to master parallettes, you’re likely going to need a bit of space, particularly with more difficult movements (like handstands).

To save you from putting your foot through a TV screen or smashing that lamp your partner just bought, taking your parallettes to a park or gym might be something to consider. Some can fold, making them easy to place in a gym bag or backpack.

Best parallettes to invest your money in

Below, we’ve pulled together a list of the best parallettes to buy today, with picks based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

Cali Sports Calisthenics Wood Parallettes

This pair of wooden parallettes aim to provide the traditional feeling of Olympic-style parallel bars. They’re constructed using beech wood, stated to be solid and without any give or propensity to wobble. Also, there’s no assembly time, so you can get started straight out of the box.

The base features full length rubber feet, designed to be suitable for all surfaces. The bars are around 10 inches in length, which should be wide enough to facilitate a wide range of different exercises.

This pair stands at around one and a half inches above the ground, a good height for push-ups, handstands and L-sits. Cali Sports include a pair of wrist wraps to help provide some added support for long workout sessions.

Bulldog Gear Small Parallettes

This pair of low parallettes feature a matt black coating, designed to provide some extra grip on the metal handles. Bulldog Gear state the 3.8cm diameter is designed to reduce stress on the wrist.

There’s a large base with non-slip rubber feet, aiming to provide a stable platform for the bars, which stand at 27cm in height.

This slight added depth for a low parallette allows for extra space for transitioning between exercises, greater range of movement and room for more advanced exercises.

Withgear Folding Push Up Bar

Withgear’s parallettes are designed with portability in mind. They feature a foldable system, allowing users to take them on the go – so they should be perfect for going outdoors in warmer weather. They also come with a case to keep everything compact when travelling.

The bar is raised 20cm above the ground, which Withgear state allows for a deep stretch when doing push-ups and a suitable amount of space for L-sits or V-sits. It’s stated they can support a total load of 300kg, so durability shouldn’t be an issue.

There is the option of two shorter parallettes for traditional movements, or a more unorthodox longer fixed bar, designed to support two hands.

Pullup & Dip Parallette

Available in both a low and medium height, this pair of parallettes combine wood with a steel base, aiming to provide a traditional gymnastics-esque feel with some added rigidity.

The handles are made from beech wood, stated to provide ergonomic support for your hands and wrists and helping to maintain grip in spite of sweaty hands.

It includes anti-slip pads attached to the bottom of the steel, claiming to provide a safe, firm footing. They also come with an exercise eBook with up to 37 parallette exercises for users to discover.

HyGym Parallel Dip Bars XL

The HyGym parallettes provide a budget option for a pair of high parallettes, built from steel with a chrome finish. The foam hand grips are 3.8cm in diameter, stated to provide an optimal level of grip, support and comfort.

They stand at 73cm in height, allowing for dips, leg raises and rows. HyGym also fitted nonslip rubber foot caps to keep the parallettes stable.

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