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Best weightlifting gloves in 2023

Strength training is an integral part of becoming a better triathlete. Level up your lifts with these weightlifting gloves.

Man using weights with gloves

Whether you’re stepping into a commercial gym or picking up kettlebells and dumbbells in your personal home gym setup, consistency really is key.


Given weightlifting relies so much on grip, damaging your hands could throw even the most consistent triathlete out of their training routine.

Not to mention, it’ll make it a lot harder to stomach putting in the necessary miles on the bike. The answer? A solid pair of weightlifting gloves.

A snug pair of weightlifting gloves can solve the friction issues that could result in calluses or blisters. Certain gloves may also provide some extra stability, helping to prevent strains and overextension.

There will also be no need for chalk, and they might even help you move beyond the limitations of your hands, meaning you can work harder. Just ensure follow the manufacturer’s guidance on measuring your hand to ensure you get the most effective fit.

Below, we’ve listed our picks for the best weightlifting gloves on the market, based on in-depth research and analysis of consumer reviews.

Ihuan Lifting Gloves

Ihuan’s lifting gloves come at a reasonable price. They feature silicon-printed neoprene, extending across all five fingers and spanning the entire palm to provide a supportive grip.

Underneath the silicon print is a foam pad to help provide some support for the hand. The backs of the gloves are made from a ‘breathable’ microfibre and mesh, which is designed to keep them from getting too sweaty (if you’ve ever smelt the inside of an old boxing glove, you’ll understand how crucial some ventilation can be).

Ihuan has also fitted a wrap-around pressurised brace to provide some extra support, which could be particularly helpful for exercises that require wrist flexion or need a bit of added stability.

Nike Elevated Training Gloves 

Nike’s gloves come at a premium price, likely down to the combination of leather and foam padding. The brand says the design provides support without compromising a user’s ability to feel the weight.

They’re fitted with a medium-density foam to cushion the palm, which is said to specifically cover key contact areas across the palm and fingers.

The gloves are fitted with breathable mesh and an adjustable wrist closure to tighten the fit to your liking. Four finger pulls are included to help you pull the gloves off with ease.

Bear Grip Open Workout Gloves 

No, these weren’t pulled from the set of The Hunger Games. This unorthodox pair of lifting gloves from Bear Grip use an open-hand design, claimed to provide anti-sweat, lightweight comfort.

They feature a silicone gel grip across the palm area with foam padding for cushioned support. The wrist wraps aim to simulate the feeling of traditional wrist wraps used to support the wrist when lifting heavy weights.

The design is integrated with the palm in order to help users to pull the gloves tightly around the palm, fingers and wrist. Bear Grip claims this fastening gives a secure feel, preventing slippage and chafing.

Nike Elemental Fitness Gloves

Nike’s budget weightlifting gloves feature medium-density foam to cushion the palm and fingers, with thicker foam designed to cover key contact points.

The backs of the gloves consist of a breathable mesh, which Nike says will wick sweat away from the skin and keep the hands cool.

There are also air holes and perforations to assist with ventilation, plus four finger pulls to help pull them off after a sweaty weightlifting session.

The wrist wrap is designed to help tighten the glove but is unlikely to provide heavy-duty support. However, if you’re looking for a slightly more minimalist design, these could be a good fit for you.

RDX L7 Leather Weightlifting Gloves

This pair of gloves from combat sports specialists RDX feature a full leather exterior on the back of the hand that’s said to be especially durable.

RDX says the foam cushioning across the palm is designed to reduce slippage and distribute the weighted pressure across the hand.

To compliment the palm cushioning, the fingers also feature a curved, padded design. RDX claims this helps with flexibility and natural movement while providing enhanced protection.

There’s a cotton towel-based thumb for ventilation and comfort, but these might not be the most ventilated.

Reebok Training Gloves

If half-finger gloves don’t seem that appealing to you, Reebok’s premium training gloves feature a full finger design for additional coverage.

There’s foam padding across the palm and fingers, with added air vents and mesh, both on the back and front, to keep the hands cool.

However, there is no wrist support on offer.

Adidas Half Finger Weightlifting Gloves 

Adidas’ Half Finger Weightlifting Gloves are made almost entirely from a ventilated mesh to keep your hands cool while training.

The palm features ergonomic padding with a rubber grip outer layer, which Adidas says will provide comfort and grip by reducing traction.

The wrist is fitted with a double strap, fastened with Velcro, which is designed to provide comfort and extra support and stability.

There are also dual ring pulls fitted to the fingers on both gloves, which are included to make them easy to remove post-workout.


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