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Funda’s London Tri countdown

The latest entry in our blog series from Funda finds the London Triathlon novice in preparation for this weekend's big race.

Three days to go and now my nerves are really beginning to kick in. I didn’t think that I’d get that worried about this event as I’ve trained pretty consistently and specifically over the past six months but I think that the anticipation is beginning to get the better of me. Sometimes the unknown is the most scary as I’m really not that sure what to expect.

The other thing that has worried me is that I’m not actually racing until 4.30pm on Saturday. I guess this is where my inexperience of these things begins to show as I’m not really sure what the best thing is for me to do – I obviously need to warm up but I don’t want to exhaust myself from doing too much on the morning which I know will be tempting, just to keep my mind off the race. Equally, I don’t want to end up sitting around all day and then not being in the right frame of mind when it comes to 4.30pm. This is when it’d be great to have a training buddy or at least be able to have a good chat to someone who has done all this before. Hindsight is a great thing…

Still, nerves and apprehension aside, I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. I’ve always been one to try things at least once and, if I like it, I’ll certainly do it again! I’m also looking forward to soaking up the whole atmosphere and watching (and perhaps learning a thing or two) from the true pros. And I can’t wait to cross that finish line and reflect on everything, I imagine it can get quite emotional.

Time-wise, I’m going to be wearing my trusty Suunto watch <http://www.suunto.com/> to ensure I can record each part of the race. I’m hoping to get new PBs in each area – especially for the cycling and running, anyhow.

Off for a 5k run now, then cycling 10k in the morning. Watch this space – I’ll update you on how I go at the big event early next week! Wish me luck…

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