Treadmill run workout: how to build speed

If you have a treadmill why not try this speed-building session so you can enjoy big performance gains when life gets back to normal
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The benefits of running indoors on a treadmill

Now coronavirus is forcing us to swap the trails for a treadmill, we take a look at how treadmill running can improve your performance so you will smash your next race - whenever that is...
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Home workouts: how to improve your run in your home

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Is cadence important for running?

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Should you include long runs in your training?

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How to train for a sub-20min 5k

Want to run a sub-20min 5k? Hit your goal with these 4 weekly run sessions
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How hill running improves your fitness, strength and endurance

Hill running is a very useful method of training to build strength, power and top-end aerobic conditioning, says Andy Blow. Here he explains why it’s not just skiers who should be hitting the slopes
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Running gait: are you a pronator, neutral or supinator?

Don't know whether you're a pronator, neutral or supinator when you run? Don't fear, former long-distance British runner Julian Goater is here to explain the differences between running gaits and how to assess yours
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How to improve your run form

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Five common winter running issues

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Off-season run technique session: work on your stride rate

The off-season is the perfect time to work on your stride rate, says run coach Scott Findlay
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Should I keep training when pregnant?

Pregnant? Training doesn’t have to stop once you've a 'baby on board’, says Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith. In fact, it’s best to keep training. Here she shows you how…
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How to pace your run like a pro for maximum performance

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Running: how to build all-over body fitness

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What is the running kinetic chain?

Scott Findlay explains what the running kinetic chain is, how it works and why it's important
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How to build a good run base

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10 running tips from some of tri's best runners and coaches

Want to improve your run leg? Here is some advice from some of the best runners and coaches in triathlon, includingAli Brownlee, Vicky Holland, David McNamee, Dave Scott and Mark Allen
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How to stop overstriding when you run

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Vicky Holland: how to train for a faster run

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How do elite runners run so fast?

Science suggests that it's the length of flight that separates elite runners from the rest...
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