Fit, active white men found to be at a higher risk of plaque buildup in arteries

Study compares 25-year exercise patterns of 3,175 participants with heart disease indicators
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How to test your run form in the off-season

How to use parkruns to test form and accurately guide pacing in weekly sessions

The top 15 Kona greats of all time

Just who are the greatest Ironman World Championship triathletes ever? We have argued, debated and discussed the many contenders, and come up with our top 15 Kona greats of all time - do you agree with our choices?
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Free 4-week post-season recovery training plan

Smashed every race this year? Nice one. Now make sure you recover fully by following our expert plan
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Female triathletes: the 10 greatest ever?

We have discussed, debated and, frankly, argued furiously about who should make it onto our top 10 female triathletes of all time list... do you agree with our chosen 10?
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Should Ironman have a protected ranking criteria?

A lack of forethought from the world’s leading triathlon organiser is forcing those returning from childbirth to race too often
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32 Ironman Hawaii highlights

We count down 32 highlights from Ironman Hawaii since its inception in 1978
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4 intensity swim levels you should include in your freestyle training

Tri swim coach Rory Buck explains four different intensity levels, and why and how you should be adjusting your front crawl pace in your swim workouts.
10 October 2017 at 09:04

Anorexia: one man's story

"You can forget any of the stereotypical characteristics that are commonly banded around with anorexia. I didn't think I looked fat, I didn't look in the mirror and see a fat person staring back." Endurance athlete Ian Sockett explains how he developed anorexia
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Why does my calf cramp towards the end of an open water swim?

Andy Blow has some advice for a triathlete who regularly gets calf cramping towards the end of an open-water swim, but never in the pool.
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Former Gadget Show host Jason Bradbury on why he loves triathlon

King of the gadgets and lover of tri, Jason Bradbury has turned global nomad on a quest to stay fit and healthy. Here he tells us why
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How to improve your run cadence for when you're tired

Does your run cadence suffer when you're tired? 220 run coach Paul Larkins explains how to improve it so you finish the run leg strong and speedy
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How much should your body rotate in front crawl?

Wondering how much your body should roll and rotate in freestyle? John Wood explains the perfect swim technique
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Why you should never race under someone else's name...

Brunty shares a valuable lesson – never take someone else’s race place. Of course, it comes with a personal anecdote…
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Cycling on rollers: how to do it and their training benefits

Now autumn's here and the weather's turning Joe Beer explains the benefits of training indoors on rollers
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How to race Ironman World Championships by Chrissie Wellington

Qualified for Kona or hope to race there one day? Who's better to give you tips for racing on the Big Island than four-time Ironman world champion Chrissie Wellington?
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Why do I wheeze when running?

Find it hard to breathe when running and feel like you're wheezing, despite being relatively fit and able to go on the cross trainer or bike for decent sessions? Sports scientist Andy Blow explains possible causes and solutions
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Ironman World Champ predictions: who will be queen of Kona?

It's Kona time and the best long distance triathletes in the world are descending once again on Hawaii for the Ironman World Championship, but who will be high-fiving along Ali’i Drive and supping from the largest umeke bowl on Saturday, October 14? 220Triathlon columnist Tim Heming counts down his top 10 women’s predictions.
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Cycling: how to corner fast and smoothly

Being able to corner well means a higher overall average speed and, because you don’t have to accelerate so much out of bends to get back up to speed, less energy is expended
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Ironman World Champ predictions: who will be king of Kona?

The best long-distance triathletes in the world are descending once again on Hawaii for the Ironman World Championships, but who will be high-fiving along Ali’i Drive and supping from the largest umeke bowl on Saturday 14 October? 220 columnist Tim Heming counts down his top 10 men’s predictions.
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