Explained: plantar fasciitis

We look at the causes, symptoms and cure for this common runner’s injury, which starts out as pain around the heel and can quickly lead to an acute tear or rupture if ignored
28 August 2014 at 15:11  (4)

Aussie Ironman likely to smash world record in ‘Arch to Arc’ bid

John Van Wisse is nearing the end of an ultra-triathlon challenge from London’s Marble Arch to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, despite getting stopped by UK border police
28 August 2014 at 12:39

Aquathlon races see British women start the Edmonton gold rush

GB athletes stake their podium places in age-group and paratri races yesterday, as six-day multisport festival gets underway in Canada
28 August 2014 at 10:04

Sub-1hr session: swim taper

Get your engine revving in 60mins with this taper workout that’s guaranteed to yield speed
27 August 2014 at 16:14

How to master the middle distance run leg

Cracking the half-marathon takes a mix of precise training actions and racing strategies. We have the tips to help you smash your run splits
26 August 2014 at 17:15

Blog: Gearing up for the 2014 Enduro Challenge

As teams from London’s financial district get ready to race each other from London to Paris, we hear how preparations are going for defending champions Accenture
26 August 2014 at 09:26

How to reduce the risk of tarmac shock during run training

We explain why training specificity is key to reducing the chances of picking up knee problems, and why off-road doesn't necessarily have to mean soft surfaces
22 August 2014 at 10:40  (1)

How to break into the top 10% of Olympic distance finishers

Read our essential tips on how to muscle into triathlon's top tier, starting with some specific 'can't hide from the clock' sessions
21 August 2014 at 15:25

The Weekend Warrior on… why you should never try to hide the truth from your wife

Our man Martyn Brunt gets caught out after covertly entering (and winning) a 5k race on holiday in Mexico, despite his best efforts to keep it under wraps
20 August 2014 at 09:08

Harry Wiltshire talks recovery and Kona hopes...

Writing just before last weekend’s Ironman race in Sweden where he placed fifth, the British athlete updates us on his recovery from injury
19 August 2014 at 17:16

Sub-1hr session: pace your run

Find your sweet spot with this 60min workout designed to help you both push your pace and manage the pain – perfect as a time-efficient weekend run
19 August 2014 at 16:41

Infographic: six of the UK's best trail runs compared

Key data revealed from half a dozen cracking off-road routes, covering the Lake District, North York Moors, Snowdonia and Scotland
19 August 2014 at 15:40

Elite advice: Craig Alexander on why you should only try to control the controllables

Three-time Ironman world champ Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander, famed for his meticulous preparation, tells Paul Moore about his measured approach
14 August 2014 at 16:25

In pictures: Gordon Ramsay training in California for Ironman World Champs 2014

TV chef puts in the work with his son Jack in Santa Monica after getting another wildcard, with an eye on beating last year’s Kona time of 14hrs
14 August 2014 at 10:53  (2)

How to pace your first sprint distance triathlon

The key to getting a good result is gauging your effort. We tell you how to keep your foot on the gas from start to finish without blowing up
13 August 2014 at 16:47  (3)

Blog: Overcoming colon disease to become a GB triathlete

As a student Michelle Willcocks was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and underwent major surgery; recovering afterwards her Dad brought her some tri mags and a dream took shape…
12 August 2014 at 12:46

What are the main limiting factors for endurance athletes?

We explain why heart function is more important than lung capacity, and what other factors like technique and genetics might also be holding you back on race day
11 August 2014 at 16:23

Blog: Pain and suffering on Zombie Hill at the Norseman

Scottish triathlete and coach Graeme Stewart heads to Norway fully prepared for the 'world’s hardest triathlon’. It doesn’t disappoint…
11 August 2014 at 11:54

Sub-1hr session: Swim pyramids

Get ready to push yourself to your absolute limit with this lung-busting swim workout that promises to boost both fitness and speed in 60mins
08 August 2014 at 15:10

Britain's Adam Walker describes “huge sense of relief” after swimming the seven seas

Swim coach reaches Scotland after crossing the North Channel in just his trunks, having met Portuguese men-of-war, dolphins and tiger sharks in his epic round-the-world challenge
08 August 2014 at 12:34