9 open-water swim problems and how to put them right

Want to improve your open-water swimming? Glen Walker cites 9 common open-water swimming problems… and shows you how to overcome them
23 February 2017 at 09:03

6 transition tips for exiting open-water

Exiting open water is an often overlooked part of the triathlon swim, but it is where many seconds can be gained and lost. Chrissie Wellington shares her 6 top tips for getting out of the water efficiently…
22 February 2017 at 14:00

Shoulder impingement syndrome: exercises and management tips

Suffer from shoulder impingement syndrome? Remedial massage and anatomy expert Kevin James explains how to maintain your fitness without making the condition worse
22 February 2017 at 11:43

How much triathlon training should children do?

Chris Maxwell, head coach to the Chippenham Tristars, provides some useful guidelines on how much triathlon training children should do, taking into consideration their growing body, school work and other sporting interests.
21 February 2017 at 09:04

Female triathletes: the 10 greatest ever?

We have discussed, debated and, frankly, argued furiously about who should make it onto our top 10 female triathletes of all time list... do you agree with our chosen 10?
20 February 2017 at 14:00  (2)

Run faster off the bike

Bike and run training in a high-intensity session? That’ll get the blood flowing. Andy Bullock shows how to take your performance to the next level

14 February 2017 at 10:34

21 triathlon tips from the world’s best triathletes

From Olympic medallists to world champions, some of the sport’s greatest triathletes share their top tips on everything from nutrition to race day tactics and recovery
14 February 2017 at 09:59

10 reasons why you should always, without exception, date a triathlete...

Martyn Brunt explains why it's not just the perfectly honed physique of a multi-sport athlete that make them excellent dating material...
10 February 2017 at 11:07

How to pace the bike leg and use your gears effectively

Mastering your gears and pacing is key to not only a fast bike, but a strong run, too. Pete Bonfield’s got all the techniques you’ll need to improve your ride…
10 February 2017 at 09:57

How to manage Raynaud’s Syndrome when running

Triggered by the cold, those with Raynaud’s can endure excruciating pain and numbness in their hands and feet, as well as other extremities. Raynaud’s sufferer and keen marathon runner Susie Hoare shares her top tips for managing the condition when running in cold weather
08 February 2017 at 09:53

7 ways to stop the PB brag in its tracks…

Hate getting stuck listening to fellow triathletes talking about their best times at great length to you when you are not really interested? Our Brunty explains how to stem the tidal flow...
07 February 2017 at 12:29

How to overcome 8 common bike and run leg fears

Tim Heming explains how to overcome 8 common bike and run fears, which can include everything from potential kit conundrums to toilet troubles…
07 February 2017 at 09:26

The swim leg: 11 common fears and how to overcome them

The swim may be the shortest discipline in triathlon, but it is often the most feared. Here’s how to overcome the most common swim fears…
06 February 2017 at 09:57

What’s a good triathlon time?

We look at the different distances involved in tri, and what a good finish time looks like for each  (15)

5 training tips for beginner triathletes

Don't let the thought of getting started in triathlon keep you firmly rooted to the sofa. Here are our top 5 training tips for triathlon newbies that will help you start your journey of a lifetime...
03 February 2017 at 10:58

How to treat a quadriceps injury

Qualified remedial massage and anatomy specialist Kevin James explains what to do if you are concerned you have strained your quads
01 February 2017 at 12:34

Does electrostimulation improve athletic performance?

A recent paper suggests that neuromuscular electrostimulation training results in endurance and muscular adaptations
31 January 2017 at 09:51

World's best triathlons: 31 to do before you die

So you want to go out in style? You want to say, yep, done that and, without doubt, got the T-Shirt? But with so many races to choose from, how will your tri racing CV look when it’s time to shuffle off this mortal coil? Well, look no further! Here's our list of the world's best triathlons...

11 middle-distance training tips for beginners

Conquering the half iron distance triathlon takes careful planning and commitment. But it shouldn’t be feared. Here’s our essential advice to start you on the road to middle-distance glory…
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Step up to Ironman 70.3 racing with Javier Gomez

Check out these nine tips on moving into middle-distance racing from the former world champ
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