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Sub-1hr bike session: Dye hard!

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Four off-road racing tips from British Xterra pros

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Dave Scott’s strength and conditioning training plan for triathletes

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Go confidently from pool to open water with Adam ‘Oceans 7’ Walker

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Group bike riding etiquette, explained for triathletes

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Get better at tumble turns and touch turns

Not just useful in the pool, a well executed turn is a good weapon to have in the locker
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Sub-1hr swim session: Long-course peaking

This 60min swim session for intermediate athletes will help you break 60mins over the iron-distance swim
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Three ‘easy speed’ tweaks for your swim technique

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London Triathlon race tips for this weekend

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How long will it take to complete your first Ironman?

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Chris Froome vs. the world’s best triathletes

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Key training sessions from Viceroys Triathlon Club

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Challenge Weymouth race advice

We ask 2014 winner Eleanor Haresign how to succeed in this long-distance race
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Sub-1hr swim session: Perfect pacing

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Five essential stretches for triathletes to stay injury-free

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