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First BallBusters "like a step into the unknown" for duathletes

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Keswick Mountain Festival adds an ultramarathon for 2015

Ninth edition of Lake District sports bonanza includes three new trail runs alongside longstanding triathlons, sportives and more
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Blog: Challenge Sophie bikes the Alpine Coast to Coast

British age-grouper Sophie Radcliffe describes cycling the length of the Alps and climbing its highest mountains in one month
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Sub-1hr session: Reverse brick

We help you prepare for autumn duathlons by going from bike to run with heavy legs
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Love hills? Here's a cycling trend for you to try – Everesting

Warning: not for the faint hearted or short of time. With only 10 UK cyclists completing the challenge (so far) of ascending 8,848m in one go, we look at how to join the club
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Found – your perfect aero position on the bike

New research examines the sweet spot between low drag and efficient power output
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Sub-1hr session: boost bike power

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Oval chainrings – the lowdown

New research shows that the benefits of elliptical chainrings are still inconclusive
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Blog: Intensely cold swimming and brutal bike climbs at the Alpe D’Huez Long Distance Triathlon

Age-grouper Brian Carlin describes his race last week, where the swim was so cold his face quickly went numb and three huge bike climbs then followed
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Sub-1hr bike session: Build intervals

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Gallery: Long Course Weekend

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Sub-1hr session: endurance boost

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Explained – when to go down on to the aerobars

You’ll need hands on the hoods for tricky descents, but the majority of your bike time should be down on the aerobars – and don't forget to practice, says Mat Brett
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Sub-1hr bike session: all-out intervals

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Can I train at a velodrome to improve my cycling?

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