Tom Bishop’s supersprint racing tips

Supersprint racing is a great entry point into tri. GB pro Tom Bishop shares his top five tips for racing a 400m swim, 10km bike and 2.5km run…

Tom Bishop racing at Leeds triathlon 2021

Whether you’re about to race your first supersprint (the shortest triathlon), are aiming to build speed or are targeting the age-group relay championships in Bermuda this year, follow British pro Tom Bishop’s five top tips below for a faster supersprint race


1. Transitions

I’m the first to admit that my transitions are slow, but it’s key to have a fast turnover during supersprint and relay events. It’s essentially free time, with no fitness required to remove your wetsuit fast or buckle up the helmet. If you can visualise your first and second transitions and then practise the step-by-step process at least once or twice a week. You’ll save loads of time overall – trust me.

2. Mounts and dismounts

These are part of transition but are also a slightly different component, and those daring to go the fastest really require a substantial amount of skill to pull off. My advice would be to check out videos of cyclocross athletes to watch some really skilled mounts. As with any new skill, ensure that you start slow and preferably on a soft surface in case you fall… which you inevitably will, but keep trying! Dismounts are easier, just make sure you don’t get your feet tangled and keep it slow.

3. Pacing

Although it’s called a sprint, it’s still an endurance event. Don’t literally go all-out with max effort at the start as you’ll pay for it about 90 seconds later.

4. Train for some short, hard efforts

These are your 200m swimming efforts, your three to five-minute bike efforts and one kilometre running reps. Ensure that these are run as hard as possible to target your VO2max zone.

5. Team spirit

Get yourself involved with relays. Most local triathlons offer relays, even if they’re just individual legs, and being part of a team definitely gets that bit more out of you. Oh, and it’s a lot of fun, too!


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