Triathlon Race Day Checklist

Download your essential triathlon race-day checklist here...

A Triathleteaas gear placed on a red towel.  Image shot before a triathlon in the transition area.  Logos removed from all the items.See other related images here:

You’ve trained for months, honed your nutrition plan and tapered like a pro. But when it comes to triathlon race day you’ve forgotten your goggles/timing chip/run shoes/bike (delete as appropriate). Admit it, we’ve all done it.


But help is at hand in the form of the 220 Triathlon Race Day Kit Checklist. Here to replace that post-it note covered in scribbles is a tick box list with everything from bike shoes to bin liners, lube to loo roll covered.

Click below to download your essential triathlon kit list and new race-day best friend…