Vegan meal ideas: what can vegans eat?

Interested in the plant-based, vegan lifestyle but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here we share a day crammed full of tasty, healthy vegan recipes with no frills attached ingredients that won’t break the bank.

vegan breakfast tacos recipe

What can vegans eat for breakfast?

For our savoury lovers out there, check out our vegan breakfast tacos recipe (top image). A twist on a Mexican classic and full of flavour with marinated tofu, refried beans and avocados on a soft tortilla wrap with a spritz of lime. These tacos will set you up for an energy-filled day.


Vegan lunch options

Vegan pumpkin pancakes recipe

Why not go sweet for lunch? For those returning home ravenous after destroying a hard hills session, these vegan pumpkin pancakes will hit the spot. Egg is replaced with healthy flaxseed, which is loaded with fibre and protein. Plus, this only takes ten minutes before you can have a steaming plate of fluffy energy-replenishing pancakes in front of you.

Quick and easy vegan snacks

Homemade vegan energy balls

Snacking can be essential in the life of a triathlete, but what exactly you snack on can directly affect your performance and recovery. Why not have a go at making your own homemade energy balls, choose from our four different flavour variations: superfood, zingy ginger, date and coconut, and spicy peanut butter.

What can vegans eat for dinner?

Mediterranean vegan vegetable paella

Make your last meal of the day count with our Mediterranean vegetable paella, an easy way to get your five-a-day all in one pan! A simple recipe, it’s essentially veg and paella rice simmered in a delicious stock until bursting with flavour. Idea for replacing lost calories from training or a healthy ‘carb-load’ option for a big session the next day.

What desserts can vegans eat?

beetroot vegan chocolate brownies recipe

The answer is that most desserts can be easily veganised! For instance, give these beetroot-based red velvet vegan chocolate brownies a whirl. Love it or hate it, there’s significant evidence that nitrate-rich beetroot can boost athletic performance, especially when it comes to recovery. So really, if anyone asks, these indulgent brownies are an essential part of your triathlon training…

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This meal plan provides a great balance of healthy nutrients and energy-rich dishes, though as with all diets, it is important to keep an eye on just what and how much you are eating. Those consuming a plant-based diet often supplement with vitamins such as B12 to ensure they consume a healthy balance of nutrients.