What if I finish last in a triathlon?

Want to take part in a triathlon, but worried you'll finish last and everyone will laugh at you? Put those fears straight out of your head says, Mel Berry - here's why

Credit: Getty Images

Worrying about finishing last is a concern many people have when racing a triathlon for the first time but it shouldn’t put you off giving triathlon a go.


It really doesn’t matter where you come in the race, it’s just about trying to enjoy it. Also regardless of speed you’re doing better than most people, more than a third of adults in the UK aren’t getting enough exercise thereby increasing their risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes (Guthold et al., 2018). So even if you are last or aren’t as fast as you want to be, you’re looking after your health which I believe is much better than coming first in a race.

The best way to tackle this is to have a positive approach. Countless research studies in sports psychology have proven the power of positive thinking and self-talk. Athletes who go into a workout or race with positive thoughts perform significantly better and more consistently than those who approach workouts and races with a negative attitude.

So trust me no one will be judging you when you go out and race, on the contrary the support you receive from fellow triathletes is amazing and everyone is there to support one another. You’ll be surprised how amazing you will feel after doing a triathlon regardless of where you came, so go out and enjoy it.