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Jon Sharples and Sean Yates form cycle coaching partnership

Former elite cyclist sets up TrainSharp Cycle Coaching in partnership with Sky’s Sports Director

Former elite cyclist Jon Sharples has set up TrainSharp Cycle Coaching in partnership with Sky’s Sports Director Sean Yates, to coach novice and elite cyclists across the cycling disciplines, in the UK and internationally.

Sharples and Yates work in partnership to encourage novice riders into the sport, and to provide ongoing support for novice and elite riders, with their knowledge of cycling and the current racing circuit.

TrainSharp Cycle Coaching coaches riders for disciplines including sportives, road racing, time trials, triathlon, mountain biking and cyclocross. TrainSharp’s coaches combine a scientific approach to coaching with an interest in individual rider’s goals and time constraints. Before coaching begins riders’ current level of fitness is assessed using a heart rate monitor or a powermeter.

From the results, each rider’s training zones are calculated and used to build individual training plans. These plans relate to each rider’s fitness, goals and the cycling discipline. Training plans are structured to allow for other demands on rider’s time and to maximise the time available to spend on training.

TrainSharp’s coaches work with SRM powermeters to assess riders’ performance against their training plans and to see how they perform during competitions. TrainSharp’s Head Coach Sharples said: “It is vital to know how you are able to perform during a competition, irrespective of the outcome; we can then see what you did right, or where we need to make changes.”

Yates coaches elite riders and Sharples splits his time between novice and elite riders. Sharples said: “I’m especially keen to help riders who are new to the sport and want to achieve in the saddle, but lack the belief that they can.”

TrainSharp is based in East Sussex but coaches riders throughout the UK and in Australia and Oman, using Skype and email so that riders can remotely access their training plans and maintain regular contact with their coaches.

TrainSharp Cycle Coaching’s website is: www.trainsharpcyclecoaching.co.uk.

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