Hayden Wilde wins 2022 Super League Series

New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde wraps up Super League title in Saudi Arabia, as Matt Hauser takes second and Jonny Brownlee third

Matt Hauser and Jonny Brownlee go head-to-head in the Super League Triathlon grand finale in Neom, Saudi Arabia. Pic: Darren Wheeler - That Cameraman, Super League Triathlon

Jonny Brownlee continued his strong finish to the 2022 season by finishing runner-up to Matt Hauser in the Super League Triathlon grand finale in Neom.


Brownlee backed up his World Series form from Cagliari three weeks ago to jump from fifth to third in the overall standings behind New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde and Hauser.

After wins in London, Malibu and Toulouse, Wilde only had to place 14th or better to win the overall title in the five event series and he achieved it, finishing clear in third to pick up an additional $50k cheque.

“What a year and what a series, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster,” Brownlee said. “The year started so well, then the injury ruled me out of the Commonwealth Games. To finish second today and third overall, I’m really proud of that. I love Super League racing and love the format. It confirms I can still be a contender – and I still hope I can be in two years’ time.”

The climax to the men’s race also saw the individual discipline and team winners confirmed.

Jamie Riddle and Cassandre Beaugrand won the swim titles for picking up the most points through fastest swims across the series. Vasco Vilaca and Taylor-Brown secured the bike awards, and Beaugrand and Wilde were crowned run champions.

The team competition became a nail-biter after the Michelle Dillon’s Sharks led into the final round but were overtaken by the Bahrain Victorious Scorpions by just 2pts in the final reckoning. The Cheetahs were third with Tim Don’s defending champions Eagles in fourth and the Rhinos in fifth.

Hayden Wilde placed third in Neom to claim the overall title – and also picked up the individual run crown.
Pic: Darren Wheeler - That Cameraman / Super League Triathlon

What happened in stage one of the Enduro?

The series has shown Riddle to be one of the strongest swimmers in the sport, and he led out the swim to secure the first short chute for the Eagles and bag $15k for the overall swim title.

A huge pack came in together after the 4km bike and Israeli Shachar Sagiv was sent tumbling over the hoardings as he tried to unclip.

There were no problems for Vilaca though who was quickest through transition to grab the second short chute for the Rhinos.

Brownlee took charge on the 1.6km run, taking a short chute for the Cheetahs, with Hauser and Wilde in close attendance. 

What happened in stage two of the Enduro?

Hauser took to the front for the second swim in the Red Sea as just as with the women’s contest the race began to break up.

Max Stapley’s flying mount ended with him hitting the deck as a four-man group managed to make a break on the bike including Brownlee, Wilde, Hauser and Tayler Reid.

The run whittled four down to three as Reid was cut adrift by 15sec as they headed onto the final stage. 

What happened in stage three of the Enduro?

Hauser was again in charge in the swim, but Brownlee and Wilde used the draft to stay on the Australian’s toes.

Reid didn’t manage to close the gap, meaning he was stuck in no-man’s land ahead of a group led by Kenji Nener and Tyler Mislawchuk.

Hauser and Brownlee both had short chutes on the final run so immediately opened a gap on Wilde. But it was Hauser who took charge as he steamed to victory for his second Super League victory of the season.

Bahrain Victorious Scorpions celebrate winning the overall team title in the final event of the series in Saudi Arabia. Pic: Darren Wheeler – That Cameraman, Super League Triathlon

Super League Triathlon Neom Results

  1. Matt Hauser 43:37
  2. Jonny Brownlee +8sec
  3. Hayden Wilde +27sec
  4. Vasco Vilaca +41sec
  5. Tyler Mislawchuk +42sec

Super League Triathlon Final Individual Standings

  1. Hayden Wilde 74pts
  2. Matt Hauser 61pts
  3. Jonny Brownlee 50pts
  4. Vasco Vilaca 46pts
  5. Tayler Reid 45pts

Super League Triathlon Final Team Standings

  1. Bahrain Victorious Scorpions 385pts
  2. SLT Sharks 383pts
  3. Fan Team Cheetahs 358pts
  4. SLT Eagles 314pts
  5. SLT Rhinos 304pts

Main image credit: Darren Wheeler – That Cameraman/Super League Triathlon