First #VirtualTri – we have a winner!

Less than 9mins separate top ten


With our first VirtualTri race now finished, we can reveal that myTri member zerren won the challenge (swim 750m/cycle 20km/run 5km), covering the distance required in 1:00:13.


Equally impressively, less than nine minutes separated the top 10 entries:

Position Name Swim split Bike split Run split Total time
1 Zerren 13:49mins 25:23mins 21mins 1:00:13
2 LeeBaynton 12:17mins 33:14mins 18:36mins 1:04:07
3 MichaelCotterill 13:30mins 33:29mins 18:53mins 1:05:53
4 allezsteve 13:36mins 32:18mins 21:12mins 1:07:07
5 Klankey 16:04mins 30:15mins 21:19mins 1:07:39
6 tjm 10:49mins 34:40mins 22:15mins 1:07:44
7 Funkymonkeyme 12:11mins 32:14mins 23:45mins 1:08:11
8 MattHyland 12mins 35:31mins 21:10mins 1:08:41
9 coolasbeans 11:16mins 39:52mins 18:13mins 1:09:20
10 stevenpurch 14:47mins 36:52mins 17:57mins 1:09:36


There were 71 entries into our first VirtualTri race, which ran across September and October, with participants racing for a chance to win £150-worth of tri goodies, and all finishers receiving a certificate of completion.

The VirtualTri series invites people to complete the distances required at a time convenient to them and then upload their times to our myTri training tool, which then compares their times to other participants.


Our next VirtualTri race for November/December is now live, involving a winter duathlon of run 8km/bike 20km/run 5km, with registrations open here.