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First Look: Velocite RT50 full carbon clincher

New tubeless wheelset from Taiwanese brand

Taiwanese bike company, Velocite, today announced the UK launch of its road tubeless carbon clincher wheelset.

We reviewed Velocite glowingly here and here’s what Velocite had to say on their new wheels…

Priced at £1,499 for the set, the Velocite RT50 offers excellent value for money coupled to supreme ride characteristics and all the advantages of running tubeless.

The full specifications are as follows:

Rims: Road Tubeless carbon clincher with removable reflective decals?

Profile: 50mm deep, 23mm wide, symmetrical airfoil shape when the tyre is installed?

Hubs: Velocite Gram 20/24?

Weight (without tubeless kit – tape, valves): 1630g

Price: £1,499

The RT50 rims are finished in 3k carbon fibre in order to obtain a smoother finish and to save weight.

The resin system used in the wheel’s construction is what is commonly referred to as “high Tg” or high glass transition temperature. In the case of thermoset resins this measurement denotes the temperature at which the resin starts degrading and failing. As established during Velcoite’s machine testing the Tg for the RT50 wheelset is 192.8 degrees Celsius which, according to Velocite, is very high indeed.

The RT50 rims are clear coated in a matte finish and the decals used and shown in the pictures are both removable and reflective! Yes, they will reflect car headlights for example, increasing rider safety during night rides or off-season training.

The RT50 wheelsets are due in the UK this month with pre-orders already being taken.

An all new Velocite website is also due later this month at which point you can find out where your nearest Velocite retail partner or test centre is located with all products available to purchase online directly from Velocite if preferred.

In the mean time, you can contact Velocite directly via their UK distributor on 01938 810873 or shop@velocite-bikes.co.uk

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