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Ali Brownlee Q&A

A very quick catch-up with the world number one

Next up, it’s the world number one, Ali Brownlee, for a very brief off-season catch-up…

Have you had chance to look back on 2011?

I don’t look back too much. I think about it a bit, I’ve had quick chats with coaches and stuff about what was the best race and what didn’t go right and what did. Those kind of things. But I don’t dwell on it too much, move on to next year.

But the consistency was the high point. Sydney was a bad race but that had it reasons, that can’t be helped. But after that, every race, apart from Lausanne, I won. And I came third there so it was pretty amazing really.

I had an ankle problem going into Australia, which meant I didn’t have much consistent training going in. And then in the race I jumped on my bike and the seat post fell down, then I punctured my back tyre, then I fell over on the run. It was a bad day, never mind.

And it’s Lanzarote next?

Yeah. The main thing [with going out there] is to just have a change. I’ll just literally try and copy what we do at home normally. Just winter-based training in the sunshine basically.

Jonny was talking about the ad you’ve just filmed and other media and sponsorship commitments. How are you dealing with the increase in media attention?

I dunno, it just kind of creeps up on you, so I suppose you just kind of get used to it as you go along. These last few weeks have been very busy, and it’s kind of in clumps. And then I’ll do the next month or so and I’ll not do any, so it comes in phases at the moment.

There’ll come a point where I’ll have to be completely focused on racing and I’ll cut off and try get away from it all. And hopefully I’ll be able to.

Do you enjoy days like these?

I’ve kind of accepted that I have to do it at this time of year so once you accept that and get on with it it’s kind of enjoyable. Outside of this time, though, I just want to be in my routine of training and training hard. That’s what makes you a good athlete. So they can sometimes get in the way but you have a contract with your sponsors, and you take it on and you have to do it.

And plans for next year?

We’re certainly both [and Jonny] going to miss Sydney. Might go on to San Diego, may or may not, probably see how the winter goes to be honest.

Aside from the Olympics, what else do you hope to achieve performance wise?

The Olympics is everything next year, everything else will be a bonus. Just to be better at everything.

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