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Ali Brownlee post-race interview

The Commonwealths winner on Glasgow, Marc Austin and what's next for Ali

Immediately post-race Alistair Brownlee spoke to the assorted press and 220 about his victory, the performance of Marc Austin and what’s next for Ali…

On his 2014 season

The Commonwealths were the biggest thing for me this year, they were my major goal and I knew I couldn’t win the World title so the Commonwealths were the big thing, the European title was a big thing and then Grand Final as a standalone is quite a big thing for me now. I can’t win the series overall now, but I can still go and have a good race at the Grand Final.

On winning the Commonwealths

This was the most important thing for me in 2014. I’ve won the World title, I’ve won the European title and now to complete the set with a Commonwealth title – it’s the big thing, the three things in Olympic-distance triathlon and, yep, it was perfect today as well – far more that I ever could have dreamed of really.

On the hilly course

I wish every triathlon course was like this. I was thinking as I was swimming along, it’s actually nice clean water. The bike course was really hilly and tough, tougher than it looks and the run course is a real proper run course. More back to my cross-country days. So it was brilliant, I loved it. It was hotter than I thought, no-one would think that it would be hot in Glasgow but it was hot today.

On riding with Mark Austin

He was never a concern [for victory], I was just amazed that it was the three of us. He was really really doing all he could to stay with us. I think he’s one for the future, honestly he did well today. He’s probably one of the only British athletes we’ve had for years who’s swam and biked along with me and Jonny, so good on him, you know?

On enjoying it

You probably only win a Commonwealth title once in your life, so you might as well enjoy it!

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