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Reviews Spiuk Zelerix Lumiris II sports glasses review

Spiuk Zelerix Lumiris II sports glasses review

Comfy glasses that come with photochromatic and reflective lenses included

Spiuk Zelerix Lumiris II sports glasses review

The £80 version of Spiuk’s Zelerix Lumiris II glasses is £20 more than the standard specs for one reason: they come with a set of photochromic lenses.

Just in case you’re not sure, photochromic lenses are the ones that adapt to light conditions, becoming clear when the sun’s hidden, and tinting as light intensity increases.

It’s great, because it essentially makes them one set of lenses for all conditions. But to really help swing the deal, Spiuk have thrown a set of reflective lenses in the case, too.

In use, they’re very comfy, striking a good balance between being snug enough to stay on, but not so tight that they’re irritating or painful.

They stay in place very well and don’t fog up much despite the comparatively small vents in the corners of the lenses.

Our one complaint is that, on the bike, the bridge at the top does get in the way when you’re down low and makes it hard to see what’s on the horizon.

Verdict: Comfy, decent set of glasses, but not 100% ideal on the bike, 75%

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