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Review: Spiuk Arqus sports glasses

Slightly higher spend, but you get an excellent set of glasses that you can wear all day

Spiuk Arqus glasses

These are a tad too, well, yellow for our taste, but luckily Spiuk offer five different colourways. There’s also a version with photochromic lenses, but that’ll set you back a hefty £159.99.

For comfort, they’re the sort of glasses you could wear all day, while their flexibility means that, although a snug fit, they’re never too tight. These are among the best we’ve tested recently at dealing with fogging, due in part to the four vents in each lens.

Removal of the lenses is also easy as you just bend them slightly upwards and gently pull the lens out. The £90 price is quite high, but they could be considered a bargain compared with the £250 asked for some sports eyewear.

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