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Coros Apex Pro multisport watch review

Will the latest mega battery release from Coros cut it for tri?

Coros Apex Pro multisport watch

Battery life – it’s not a sexy sell but arguably it’s one of the most important. That’s where Coros gave the training-tool market much-needed CPR with the lower-end Pace and has extended to the pricier Apex Pro with a mooted 40hrs in training mode. Over testing, we’d reduce that to 35hrs but it’s still impressive. But at £460, what else justifies buying this over Garmin, Polar and Suunto? Well, it’s swimming in features. We’re talking the usuals of GPS and optical heart rate monitor, but also optical pulse oximeter and barometer.

GPS pick-up and retention is pretty good. Just make sure you’ve fully connected with the satellite or else your data won’t catch up. The optical HR system is borrowed from the more expensive Vertix and does a solid job. The pulse oximeter should come into its own at altitude, which was tricky while locked down in Bristol, but in theory this is a useful addition to monitor acclimatisation time (although it won’t match clinical-grade devices).

Usability is okay. Two buttons sandwich a larger scroll dial that switches between the myriad features. It’s easily done, though clumsy hands – ours – can easily knock it when clambering over a log. There’s also a touchscreen for some sections that’s not really necessary, and a cumbersome security feature. The app is clean and concise but lacks the depth of its rivals. And at this price point, that’s arguably what you want. All in all, it’s not a bad device but not unique enough to challenge its older rivals. JW coros.com

Verdict: Solid offering that doesn’t quite do enough at a congested price point 70%

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