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The best offers for triathletes from Amazon’s 2023 spring sale

Looking for the best deals to kickstart your season? We've got you covered

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Spring is often considered the season of new beginnings, a time for starting fresh and new. As winter weather becomes an afterthought and we prepare ourselves for summer, it’s a good time to stock up on gear to kick off the new season.

From energy gels to treadmills, post-swim changing robes to GPS watches; below, we run through our top picks from Amazon’s spring sale.

Best Amazon spring sale deals for triathletes

Garmin Fēnix 7 Solar – (14% off)

Garmin’s top of the range smartwatch from 2022 comes with a variety of advanced features. It uses a solar battery that gets an extra bit of juice from sunlight, able to facilitate up to 22 days of power.

It also comes with their new Real-Time Stamina feature, which predicts how much energy you have should feasibly have left in the tank.

You also get access to Garmin’s first ever PacePro feature, an application designed to give you a target pace, with grade-adjusted guidance throughout the course.

There’s also a revamped touchscreen, claiming to provide a more responsive feel, as well as all of Garmin’s usual health and wellbeing metrics.

Garmin Fēnix 7S – (15% off)

This smaller-sized GPS watch from Garmin features up to 11 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, a heart rate sensor, and several preloaded activity profiles including running, swimming, cycling and multisport.

While en route, there’s a map guide and barometer to measure weather, plus route tracking to ensure you can find your way back. It can also provide race metrics based on your history, including target pace monitoring.

Garmin also includes daily health features, including recovery time suggestions, training readiness, HIIT workouts, and daily suggested workouts. The watch is designed to help users go hands-free: they can check text messages and alerts, as well as control their music directly using their wrist.

Looking for more Garmin watches? Read our list of the best Garmin watches for running.

HIGH5 Zero Electrolyte Hydration Tablets – (15% off)

These hydration tablets from High5 Nutrition provide an electrolyte drink without any added calories.

The tablets contain sodium and magnesium, designed to help you meet your hydration needs for optimum performance. High5 claims the tablets offer fast absorption, plus added vitamin C to help with fatigue.

Garmin Edge 130 Plus – (41% off)

A stalwart among Garmin’s bike computers, the Edge 130 is designed to provide both a GPS tracking system and several insights about your ride.

It features navigation with prompts for turnings, as well as tracking to ensure users can find their way back. It’s also possible to download courses from Garmin Connect online, allowing you to race against Strava live segments.

Other insights include compatibility with power meters and performance monitoring, useful for your VO2 max, recovery and training load.

For added safety, it’s also compatible with Garmin’s Varia cycling awareness devices, including bike lights and a rear-view radar.

Salomon Adv Hydra Vest 4 – (16% off)

Running giants Salomon has designed this unisex running hydration pack to provide much-needed storage and hydration while on the go.

It features an elastic closure system made from soft fabrics, which the brand claims keeps the vest comfortable on the skin when in motion.

The vest comes equipped with two 500ml soft flasks that slot into two compartments on the front of the vest for easy hydration.

The netted outer layer may also be a handy way to store some energy gels or other nutrition for that mid-run boost.

Hiturbo Changing Robe Towel Poncho – (43% off)

This changing robe is designed to help make your post-swim routine a little more comfortable. It claims to feature a flexible underarm design with buttons to keep the robe secure.

It’s also hooded and long-length, stated to keep the worst of the chill at bay and ensure taking off a wetsuit is a little more private.

Hiturbo says the material is designed to absorb water quickly, working in place of a towel to keep you dry.

HIGH5 Caffeine Energy Gel – (58% off)

High5’s Caffeine Energy Gels aim to provide a boost of energy while training or racing, stated to help you avoid bonking on those long runs, cycles or triathlons.

Each gel provides 23g of carbohydrates to replenish depleted carbohydrate stores, plus 75mg of caffeine to give you an extra kick.

High5 state their energy gel is made from real fruit juice without artificial sweeteners and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Garmin Forerunner 55 – (28% off)

Garmin’s Forerunner 55 features a built-in GPS and heart rate monitor to help you track and improve your training.

It can facilitate up to two weeks of battery life in smartwatch mode, tracking how you run to provide daily training suggestions, heart rate guidance and pacing.

While this watch is designed with running in mind, Garmin states it has a wider range of uses, including preloaded activity profiles for HIIT, swimming, Pilates, and breath-work. However, there isn’t a multisport mode.

It can be synced to the Garmin Connect app for access to a wider range of fitness and performance data, from sleep and recovery to personalised training plans from Garmin Coach.

JX FITNESS Door Frame Pull up Bar – (23% off)

This pull up bar from JX Fitness uses a hook system that allows the bar to latch onto the door frame, which the brand claims makes it easy to set up without any screws or drilling.

The frame features non-slip grips with a curved bar for a range of exercises. It can be used for conventional chin ups and pull ups, or placed on the floor for push-ups and dips.

Maximo Fitness Foam Roller – (33% off)

Foam rollers can be a great way to unlock tight muscles and relieve pain, mimicking a deep tissue massage. This option from Maximo features a textured surface, which the brand claims provides a more precise massage, with a smooth rolling movement.

It also features a long length, designed to offer a more versatile massage for a variety of body parts, and claims to be lightweight and portable.

Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun – (20% off)

Made by YouTube physical therapist/comedy duo Bob and Brad, this massage gun is designed to help improve your post-training recovery routine.

It features five massage heads for varying pressures on different muscle groups, plus a 4000mAh battery, which they claim offers stable power throughout your massage.

The motor is fitted with a 10-minute intelligent auto-off setting to ensure you aren’t putting too much pressure on the muscles for extended periods.

Bob and Brad’s gun also claims to run at around 45 decibels, which they state is 40% quieter than the industry average. It features a non-slip handle for comfort and can be charged using a USB-C cable.

Fulfil Vitamin and Protein Bars – (68% off)

A lot of triathletes struggle to consistently meet their protein requirements for proper recovery. Supplementing your usual diet with protein bars can help you meet your daily intake without doing too much extra cooking or interrupting your routine.

Fulfil’s protein bar aims to be low in sugar and calories while providing 20g of protein in every 55g bar. Each bar includes nine essential vitamins, including Vitamin C, B6, and B12, which may help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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