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Best running headbands to buy

Is hair and sweat getting in the way of a hassle-free run? Our list of the best running headbands is here to help.

Best running headbands

Whether it’s to keep your ears nice and toasty on a chilly winter’s run, or to keep long locks securely in one place, a running headband is a useful piece of kit that can enhance your running experience.


Our list includes a range of styles at varying price points so you can find the headband that best suits you and your running needs. We’ve also included headbands that are suitable for varying temperatures so you can warm up or cool down, depending on the season.

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Best running headbands for 2022

Asics Winter Headband

With reflective detail, this headband from Asics aims to improve your visibility in low light conditions. It’s been designed to keep your ears warm, so this is one to consider for the colder months when days are shorter and chillier.

Of course, it’s still possible to work up a sweat in the colder weather, so the material has been designed to manage moisture and help keep you as dry and cosy as possible. If you fancy brightening up your running gear, this vibrant purple colour could do the trick, and the headband is also reversible if you fancy mixing it up.

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Buff Tapered Headband 

Buff is perhaps more renowned for their neck tubes, but they also have a number of items on offer that are specifically for your head. Like most Buff products, there’s more than one way to wear this item as you can choose to have the tapered end at the front or the back. This gives this headband a unique look if you’re after for something a little different.

It’s likely to be a good choice if you enjoy running in warmer weather as the headband is UPF50+ certified and is designed to prevent you from overheating thanks to its cooling technology. It’s been made with comfort in mind thanks to the ultra-stretchy material, while the interesting speckle design gives it a funky appearance.

Inov-8 Race Elite Headband

The Race Elite Headband from Inov-8 is likely to become a well-used running accessory as you can wear it all year round. It aims to protect your ears when it’s cold and keep the sweat from stinging your eyes when it’s hot.

It’s been made with Meryl Hydrogen yarns – known for its elasticity, breathability, and aesthetically pleasing nature – and only weighs 14g, making it a lightweight option. The Race Elite Headband also aims to provide a secure fit, which is key in allowing you to run uninterrupted. The bold, loud design also makes this an appealing purchase if you’re after a stylish item to add to your running wardrobe.

Haglofs Lightweight Headband

For a band that’s wide enough to cover your ears and keep your hair back, this pick from Haglofs could be a top choice. It’s lightweight and should easily stash away in a pocket when not needed. The material is designed to be breathable, wicking both sweat and moisture away from the skin, while the bright colour will help you stand out in low-light conditions.

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Under Armour Performance Headband

A simple, slim design that promises to be both comfortable and functional, this could be a great option if you’re looking for an affordable, no-frills pick. The elastic headband is made of a sweat-wicking material to help you feel as fresh as possible when you’re working out and comes in one size.

Due to the width of the headband, you can choose to wear it either behind or over your ears, giving you the chance to keep your hair out of your face and keep your ears warm if you’re feeling the chill. Luckily it’s machine washable, so it should be easy to care for.

Gore Yellow Headband

If safety is your main concern when you’re out running, this bright yellow headband from Gore is likely to be a hit. Its design aims to help you enjoy your outdoor activity by improving your comfort when it’s particularly cold thanks to the Gore Windstopper fabric. As well as promising windproof qualities, it’s also said to be water resistant, making it an option for days when the weather really isn’t playing ball.

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Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband II

You can always rely on Lululemon for sleek style and this headband is no exception. The headband is two inches wide, so it’s a nice middle ground if you’re after a design that’s not too narrow but still neat enough to fit nicely on your head. The block white colour means it should match any running gear, whatever your colour or style preference.

The headband is made of the brand’s Luon material, which is created to offer breathability and comfort in equal measure – ideal when you’re looking to cool down on a hot run. The fabric is said to be moisture-wicking, with the aim of keeping you as dry as possible. Thanks to the four way stretch, it should be easy to pop on and comfortable to wear, too.

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Kalenji Headband and Neck Warmer

If versatility is high on your priority list, this band from Kalenji can be worn as a neck warmer, hat and headband, so you can wear it in a variety of ways, depending on the weather and your preference of style. With a fleece-like inner and a promise to make you feel ‘cocooned’ when you’re running, this affordable headband aims to keep you snug when you’re training in brisk weather. It comes in one size and, if you’d rather go for a brighter option, it’s also available in coral.


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