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Reviews How to make your own Swimrun kit

How to make your own Swimrun kit

On a budget? We explain how to create your own swimrun kit from what you already have

Swimrun Scotland coming this September

Want to take up Swimrun but really can’t justify buying new kit for a new sport? Don’t worry as you can make your own – here’s our guide to DIY swimrun

Swimrun gear: what you need

1 You don’t have to buy a new wetsuit. Many swimrunners still modify an old or secondhand one by cutting off the legs at knee-height and sometimes the arms at elbow-length, too (although practise with them whole first, as you might get too cold without them). The only real downsides are lack of flexibility for running and the traditional back zipper, which you’ll find a struggle to undo for ventilation under the compulsory swimrun race bib.

2 Lightweight and grippy trail shoes are best for swimrun, but depending on the terrain and race distance you can dodge buying a new pair. Your existing trail shoes might be perfectly adequate for the job and with a pair of quick-drying and comfortable socks should get you round without too much discomfort. Plus, if they’ve had their day, you can improve drainage by drilling a few holes in the soles like we’ve done here with our beloved Brooks!

3 Make do and mend (as your gran would’ve said). Men can wear swim jammers under their wetsuit while, for women, a pair of compressive shorts and a tri top or a swim two-piece will do the job. Plus you probably already own some calf guards. Just practise to see what works for you. Chances are you’ll already have a pull buoy and some paddles and some innovative thinking can improve buoyancy too – empty spring water bottles make excellent floats.

What is Swimrun?

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