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Abus GameChanger 2.0 helmet review

GameChanger by name, game changer by nature? Read our full review of the Abus GameChanger 2.0 to find out

Abus GameChanger 2.0 helmet
Credit: Rob Slade

I personally never enjoyed wearing Abus’ original GameChanger, finding the fit too narrow and the internal wedges of EPS foam too uncomfortable. There’s also the issue of that GameChanger title for a helmet that really wasn’t…

This sequel is a step up, however, with plenty of new features. The seemingly slighter wider fit instantly produced more internal happiness on my head at least, but it’s still a narrow helmet so wide-headed cyclists should aim to try before they buy.


Unlike the original, the GameChanger 2.0 utilises the MIPS Air Node system, which is a welcome addition to the MIPS lineup and is less noticeable that the earlier versions of the internal protection system.

You can also buy a non-MIPS version for £225 if MIPS ain’t your bag.

The Abus GameChanger 2.0 was recently tested by the influential Virginia Tech institute for helmet safety and received a five-star rating, placing 98th out of 233 helmets tested, with many of the top helmets boasting a MIPS layer.


With a large array of forward-facing airflow channels, the GameChanger’s ventilation has been revamped and has been optimised for riding at faster speeds (46-52km/h).

They’re speeds that I only find when descending (or in a car), but the airflow was still impressive for such an aero-focussed helmet at my lower regular speeds.

There’s also the perforated ‘Aeroblade’ insert on the top and a wider rear that aims to optimise the airflow further.

Fit and adjustability

For adjustability, there’s an efficient dial with a resolute click to help find the ideal placement and tension on the back of the head.

Finding favour with triathletes is the Fidlock magnetic buckle, which is effortless and swift to connect or undo with both cold post-swim hands or gloves.

The split straps worked well and sat flush on my face.

Features and weight

Abus GameChanger 2.0 helmet
Credit: Rob Slade

There’s an eyewear dock at the front and the rear, with the latter a neat move for triathletes as the front glasses dock did see the glasses encroach into my vision when I was riding on the tri-bars or drops.

Personally, I very rarely use an eyewear dock when cycling anyway, unless it’s for drink stops, but it adds to the GameChanger’s usability.

Despite the lean profile, the GameChanger 2.0 is (marginally) one of the heavier aero road helmets on this test, coming in at 284g (M, 54-58cm) on my scales, which is down to the relative lack of ventilation ports and the added MIPS layer.

It was barely noticeable with the others on test, bar the 216g HJC Furion 2.0, though. The minimal internal padding offered surprisingly impressive comfort, meanwhile.

The Gamechanger 2.0 offers three sizes and four colour schemes.

I liked the Shiny White on test here, but you can also go for Performance Red, Velvet Black, or something called Flipflop Purple. The two-year crash-replacement policy is also welcome.

Aero performance

The GameChanger 2.0 has already been worn to stage victories at the 2023 Tour de France on the head of Alpecin–Deceuninck’s Jasper Philipsen and that aerodynamic focus was borne out in 220 Triathlon’s independent wind-tunnel test of 11 aero road helmets at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub with The Bike Tailor.

Its performance over our baseline Van Rysel helmet at a 7.5° yaw angle was a sizeable 27.3secs faster over a 40km bike leg at 30km/h, and 14.4secs swifter when riding at 40km/h.

The former result places it sixth in the placings, with the latter result seeing it come fourth out of the 11 helmets tested.

For more options, take a look at our full list of the best aero road helmets.

220 Triathlon verdict

An improved sequel that delivers both out on the road and in the wind tunnel. Score: 82%


  • Great wind tunnel performance
  • Fantastic ventilation


  • Fit may be a bit narrow for some
  • Not as lightweight as some others

Abus GameChanger 2.0 MIPS helmet specs

Price:£260 (£225 without MIPS)
Available from:Merlin Cycles
Weight:284g (medium)
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