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Garmin Edge 1000 bike computer review

Once again, Garmin have set a new standard in bike computers

Garmin Edge 1000

A new bike computer from Garmin is always big news, and while the Edge 810 was more of a revamp, the Edge 1000 is a whole new unit with an array of unique functions.

You’ve still got up to six training pages, including 10 data fields, a virtual partner, GPS course mapping and navigation and live tracking. But Garmin have also added Segments (think Strava), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity to your smartphone and additional wireless compatibility with Shimano’s Di2. The unit itself is bigger than the 810, and actually closer in size to a smartphone.

The screen is also higher resolution – 240 x 400 pixels as opposed to the 810’s 120 x 240 – which makes things easier to navigate. Connectivity-wise, we’d no issues pairing it with HRM straps, power meters or the speed and cadence sensors that came boxed with the unit (£499 performance bundle only).

It’s also retained the ability to instantly upload activities to Garmin Connect via your phone post-ride. Another new function is ‘round-trip routing’, where you pick a start location and distance and the unit devises a route for you.

Ultimately, the Edge 1000 is another seriously smart piece of kit from the Swiss pioneers, merging training functionality with luxury. It comes with far more features than you’ll actually need for monitoring your riding but that also means that it has the capacity to liven up and help you increase variability in your riding.

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