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Helen O'Leary

Helen O’Leary is a chartered physiotherapist who graduated from Birmingham University and went straight into professional sports.

Her first job was with the men’s team at London Wasps Rugby Club where she worked within a world-class multidisciplinary team and where her love of Pilates and movement was born. In 2010 she completed her Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Rehabilitation course and began to teach both mat and equipment clinical Pilates. Working with the athletes in rugby showed her the huge benefits and potential strength gains Pilates could achieve.

After spending three years in elite rugby, Helen took up a position with Cirque Du Soleil. As one of only two physiotherapists on the show, she taught Pilates as part of the performer’s ongoing maintenance treatment, to prevent injuries and as part of active rehabilitation.

In 2015, Helen settled back in London and started Complete Pilates. Her aim is to help people take more responsibility for their rehab and give people the confidence to move even when they’re injured or ill. Complete Pilates now has three studios across London, an online rehab service and an on-demand platform.