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Eurobike review: part 1

Eurobike review: part 1

We're (nearly) in Germany for the world's biggest bike show

Good morning from, well, Bristol

But don’t worry – we’re not trying to mislead with this story’s moniker. We’re off to Eurobike tonight for three days of perusing and testing next year’s biggest, best and jolly well most expensive gear.

Eurobike for newcomers to our sport is the world’s biggest bike show and takes place annually in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It’s about a 2hr drive from Zurich airport if our wonderful organiser Becca is correct.

Ed assistant Matt ‘Move Over Gomez (MOG)’ Baird and myself will be flying over early tomorrow and will be bringing you updates throughout Thurs, Fri and Sat. We’ll also be featuring some striking pics and analysis of 2010’s best new gear in October’s issue, out 22 September.

In the meantime, our ad man Dazza – over in Germany to “network his rotund behind off” – dropped over the attached pic.

It’s of the new Storck Aero II and costs a meagre 12,000 Euros for the full build. It has a revolutionary new braking system (under seat post and handlebar stem) and handlebar arrangement, and they claim it’s the lightest ever tri bike. Storck are also the bike of choice for former Hawaii champ Faris Al-Sultan, who now races for the recently formed Abu Dhabit Tri Team.

Anyway, salivate over that for a while. We’ll be bringing you more news, reviews and expert’s views from Germany from tomorrow.

James Witts, ed

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