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Six ways to boost your biking on a rest day

Six ways to boost your biking on a rest day

Make the best possible use of your recovery time

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Finished a killer training session and wondering how to pass the time before getting back in the saddle? Joe Beer offers the following ideas…

1. Clean up your indoor training area, sort out music tracks, towels, electric fans etc. This can get you in the mood for moving back indoors or using indoor biking when forced to. You’ll be time-efficient and will train effectively. Remember: indoors does not equal hell (though they are both warm).

2. Measure your set-up on your bike(s) and make copies to give to a reliable friend. Why? A couple of reasons: 1) bikes get stolen; 2) people fiddle with their bikes and then can’t get back to their best set-up. One day, this scribbled sheet of A4 may just save your bacon.

3. Note down all your biking PBs in your training diary, from bike splits and time trials to favourite climbs and loop bests. These can be challenged later on in winter, but use the time now to know what’s possible on a good day.

4. Clean, check and, if needed, replace cleats. Take a digital picture of cleat position and draw around them with permanent pen for good measure. Cleats that move or wear excessively cause knee niggles. Or worse.

5. Do your own bike service, clean your steed and make an upgrade shopping list to work towards. This will keep you on top of any issues as they appear, plus you (should) improve from your kit being at its optimum and most reliable. Less drag – through good investment – will make you faster.

6. Re-stock consumables like a good triathlon quartermaster. Losing time through lack of spares to hand (or blowing up because you went out empty-handed) is a sure way to waste winter workouts. The bike element of tri is the most costly, but scrimp and you will suffer.

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