Race report: Leeds Triathlon 2014

Luke Pollard and Jenni Muston win standard distance races last weekend, while Matthew Sharman and Claire Cooke win sprint races


Nearly 400 triathletes crossed the line at last weekend’s Leeds Triathlon in Roundhay Park, with Luke Pollard and Jenni Muston picking up standard distance honours and Matthew Sharman and Claire Cooke winning the sprint races.


The standard race involved a 1.5km open-water swim in Waterloo Lake, a fast and scenic 43.5km cycle leg and a 9km run in the beautiful setting of Roundhay Park. Athletes in the sprint distance race completed a 750m swim, a 24.3km cycle and a 6.4km run. 

Luke Pollard wins standard distance race at Leeds Triathlon 2014

Luke Pollard of RAF Tri Club won the men’s standard distance race after taking the lead on the bike leg, followed by Richard Ebbage (Royal Navy Tri Club) and Charles Hickman (Leeds Bradford Triathlon Club).

In the women’s race, Sarah Cammidge (Sheffield Tigers Tri) was first out of the water after an impressive swim, but a strong bike by Jenni Muston (Jackpot Racing) secured her the win, followed by Cammidge and Claire Hebblethwaite (Knutsford Triathlon Club). 

Claire Cooke wins sprint race at Leeds Triathlon 2014

Jonathan Dudley of Wetherby Runners was dominating the sprint distance field but was overtaken on the run by Matthew Sharman, who managed to claim the winning title with a 15sec gap, while James Dean took bronze. Claire Cooke of Sheffield Tri Club took the women’s title, followed to the line by Johanna Winks and Anna Hobbs (Valley Striders Cc).

Sprint Distance (provisional results)


1) Matthew Sharman, 01:19:02
2) Jonathan Dudley (Wetherby Runners), 01:19:17
3) James Dean, 01:20:18 


1) Claire Cooke (Sheffield Tri Club), 01:36:38
2) Johanna Winks, 01:37:09
3) Anna Hobbs (Valley Striders Cc), 01:41:16

Standard Distance (provisional results)


1) Luke Pollard (RAF Tri Club), 02:08:38
2) Richard Ebbage (Royal Navy Tri Club), 02:13:27
3) Charles Hickman (Leeds Bradford Triathlon Club), 02:13:50


1) Jenni Muston (Jackpot Racing), 02:33:59
2) Sarah Cammidge (Sheffield Tigers Tri), 02:40:59
3) Claire Hebblethwaite (Knutsford Triathlon Club), 02:41:28 

The full results are available here.


(All images: Tim Waterworth Photography)