PTO reveals details of Collin Chartier drug testing for US Open

Was suspended pro Collin Chartier tested for EPO before or after his shock win at the PTO's US Open? We finally have our answer...

Collin Chartier runs during the PTO US Open

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has today suspended Collin Chartier’s membership and revealed details of the athlete’s doping tests around the US Open.


The news comes following the revelation that Chartier tested positive for EPO in February.

The athlete subsequently admitted that he had been doping and has received a suspension from the sport for three years, though he says he has no plans to return to triathlon.

In a statement this morning, the PTO said: “Following the International Testing Agency (ITA) decision in respect of Collin Chartier regarding an Anti-Doping Rule Violation on 24 April 2023, the Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has initiated its own investigation into his activities and compliance with the various PTO rules and regulations.

“Whilst this happens, Chartier has been immediately suspended from the PTO membership pending the outcome of the investigation.”

The suspension from the PTO means that Chartier’s name will be removed from the current world rankings. Any further sanctions will be decided once the organisation’s investigation is complete.

Was Collin Chartier tested at the PTO US Open?

The PTO has also confirmed details about any testing that Chartier was involved with around the US Open in September 2022.

The athlete was a surprise winner at that race, securing $100,000 of prize money in the process.

In an apology posted on Instagram, Chartier said that he only started administering EPO in November. However, some fans and fellow athletes have publicly doubted that timeline on social media and questioned whether or not he was tested close to the event.

Well, the PTO has now confirmed that he was “tested in the week before the PTO US Open on Sunday 19 September 2022, using a Dry Blood Spot (DBS) – as is usual at all PTO Tour races – and then did a urine test after the race”.

The statement went on to say: “Both samples were analysed for prohibited substances, including EPO, and were found to be negative.”

What testing does the PTO do?

The organisation also clarified that all athletes are tested at each PTO race, with that procedure dating back to the PTO 2020 Championship.

One exception to that was at the PTO Canadian Open in 2022, where there were no DBS tests due to country restrictions.

In addition to DBS tests for all athletes, a minimum of 10 men and 10 women are also selected for urine samples, which are then tested in line with the WADA Prohibited Substances List. There is also additional sports-specific analysis for ESAs and/or growth hormones.


Top image credit: James Mitchell/PTO