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First Look: OTE Sports Nutrition

This just in from OTE Sports Nutrition, the new brand from SiS founder Pete Slater…

This just in from OTE Sports Nutrition, the new brand from SiS founder Pete Slater. We’ll be featuring next issue…

OTE is a new UK-based nutrition brand with a world-class pedigree that delivers easy to use, effective and stomach-pleasing nutrition to aid cyclists, triathletes and runners of all levels.

OTE Sports Nutrition (www.otesports.co.uk), the British sports nutrition brand, today announces its formal launch into the UK market of its naturally flavoured sports nutrition products based on its easy-to-use modular Energy System.

The OTE Sports nutrition range includes:

pH neutral energy drinks

Carbohydrate energy and caffeine energy gels

Soya and whey protein recovery drinks

Our sports nutrition range is naturally flavoured to satisfy your taste buds, with no overwhelming flavours, no misleading descriptions, no compromise in functionality, and no let downs.

Bespoke intelligent packaging

DualDeliver packaging allows you to sip the gel through the smaller opening or consume rapidly through the larger opening making it more hygienic with less fuss and no mess. For powdered energy and recover drinks you can pour and mix our recommended dose from the sachet with no wastage into various drinks bottles with narrow or wide necks.

Goodness in = greatness out

We care what goes into our bodies and expect it to deliver. Our OTE Sports nutrition products are free from artificial sweeteners and colours, and have been developed to help you hydrate, fuel, perform or recover.

Experts in nutrition

OTE has been set up by Peter Slater, who has previous form as a founding director of Science In Sport, ex-Elite road cyclists Shaun Pearson, who has twenty years experience testing and developing sports nutrition products, and retail expert Matt Harrison.

Together, we take sport and nutrition seriously. Having worked alongside some of the world’s top athletes over the years, our products have been designed and developed by professional nutritionists, cyclists and triathletes to give you the performance edge.

Modular nutrition system

Our range of drinks and gels have been designed using our OTE Energy System that is based on a 20g serving of carbohydrate which can be used ‘modularly’ to help you achieve and maintain the correct fuelling and hydration strategy before, during, and after your event.

Our plain-speaking online guide is just one way we make it simple for you to understand and select the right products for your nutritional needs.

Fuelling nutrition knowledge

In addition to producing great tasting and effective nutrition products, we are also committed to providing consumers and media with industry-leading insight and information on diet, nutrition and training tips that have been tried and tested at the highest level to genuinely give you the edge.

We aim to demystify sports nutrition and offer clarity on good nutritional practices for athletes; this allows you to make an educated choice on which products to buy, and understand when to use them to improve your performance or general fitness.

From in-depth nutrition guides and training strategies for sportive riding, triathlon training, and marathon running, our website houses an every-growing library of practical advice and knowledge to give you the know-how to perform better.

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