Brett Sutton quits teamTBB

Coach vows to fight for "drastic change" in triathlon


Australian triathlon coach Brett Sutton has announced plans to leave the pro team he co-founded in order to fight for the “drastic change” he believes the sport of triathlon needs.


In a statement on the teamTBB website, Sutton says that he is stepping down next January in order to give himself “the opportunity to talk the truth without harming any part of teamTBB coaching or team’s staff”.

Sutton has coached many of the biggest names in triathlon, including Chrissie Wellington. Pro triathletes currently being coached within teamTBB include Britain’s Jodie Swallow and Stephen Bayliss.

Alex Bok, co-founder of teamTBB, is expected to announce the team’s 2014 strategy, pro athlete roster and coaching structure in about a fortnight’s time.


(Photo: teamTBB)