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220’s Winter Training Advent Calendar (Part 8)

And behind door eight on our Winter Training Advent Calendar is...

49 Keep A Training Diary

It’ll fill you with confidence when the season arrives and you can look back at all of the great sessions you put in over the winter. Either that or the thought of putting a big, fat zero in it too often will get you out training.

50 Don’t Over Race

While some light competition will keep you sharp over the winter, try to keep your powder dry and don’t race too often. If you do then the season risks taking over 11 months of the year.

51 Pick Up Some Bargain Kit

Need a new race bike? If you’re happy riding a 2011 spec bike in 2012, now is the time to hunt out a bargain while the shops want to shift this ‘old’ stock. Same goes for wetsuits, tri-suits and other stuff that will get a new logo and colour scheme for 2012, but that’s about all.

52 Watch Some Old Kona DVDs

If motivation drops during the darker months, seeing Scott vs Allen head-to-head on the Queen K will have you out training in minutes. Just remember, you’ll need more than neon pink Lycra at this time of year.

53 Try Some Winter Sports

Cross-country skiing, ski-touring and snow shoeing are all awesome forms of cross training if you find yourself in the mountains during winter. The altitude only adds to the aerobic benefits, and you’ll have really earned that vin chaud or Glühwein by the end of the day

54 Do Some Gym Brick Sessions

The odd run, bike, run session jumping from spinning bike to treadmill and back again keeps your legs used to this odd feeling and makes time in the gym pass a little bit quicker.

55 Sort Out Any Niggles

Sore hip? Tweaked Achilles? Get these issues sorted out now with treatements, rehab exercises and rest so that they don’t linger and mess up the really hard training next year.

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