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220’s Winter Training Advent Calendar (Part 7)

In two weeks it'll be Christmas eve, and you'll be wondering where December's gone. Make the most of now with tips from our Winter Training Advent Calendar...

42 Use Electrolyte Drinks For Post-Celebration Recovery

Feeling a little dehydrated on the morning after the tri-club Christmas meal? Sports drinks help combat the odd hangover from those off-season parties.

43 Don’t Get Caught Out

Always carry a lightweight waterproof when you’re out on a long session in case the weather turns nasty.

44 Sketch Out Your Long-Term Training Plan

We’re not talking in microscopic detail here, but planning when you need to be putting in the most commitment will help you fit in everything else around key periods next year. A wall planner is great for this.

45 Take Advantage When You Can

Sunny Saturday but no long ride planned until Sunday? Get out there and do it today! After all, it might be snowing tomorrow.

46 Get Up 10mins Earlier Than Normal If Driving to An Early-Morning Session

De-icing the car properly is a safer option than having to rush off with only a letterbox-sized scrape to look out of.

47 Train at Lunchtimes

Get out for a blast of fresh air and sunlight to avoid training in the dark all week long

48 Spend A Bit Of Time With The Family

Weather forecast for the weekend atrocious? Get in early to graciously offer to take the nearest and dearest out on Sunday instead of the usual bike ride. Big bonus points available and you wouldn’t have been training anyway, would you?

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