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220’s Winter Training Advent Calendar (Part 20)

The Christmas period tends to be rather busy, and sometimes you might not have time for a long workout (especially over the next few days). Never fear, day 20 of our Winter Training Advent Calendar some short sessions for times such as this...

130 Upper-Body Pull and Press Set

Warm up with some light mobility for the upper-body. Do as many wide-arm, overhand-grip chin-ups as you can, rest for 30secs; do as many narrow-gap pull-ups as you can, rest for 30secs; do as many underhand pull-ups as you can, rest for 30secs and do 15 press-ups. Take 2mins rest and repeat until your 15mins is up.

131 Running Strides

Find a 100m flat area to run on. Warm up jogging eight reps back and forth building pace from recovery to lactate threshold up and down the straight. Do four reps going from 70% to 80% to 90% to 95% of your fastest running pace without sprinting. Take 10secs rest between reps. Walk back the 100m after four reps to recover and repeat x5. Jog 4 x 100m at recovery pace to finish.

132 15min Fartlek Set

Try to do this on a short looped course so that you don’t end up far from where you started. Run at recovery pace for 1min, base endurance pace for 1min, tempo for 1min, lactate threshold pace for 1min, race tempo for 1min then back to recovery for 1min, race tempo for 2mins, recovery for 1min, max for 1min, recovery for 1min, max for 2min and finish with 2min recovery.

133 Descending Press-Up Set

A great test set for your upper-body muscular endurance. Perform 10 quick press-ups and remain in the press-up position, lower yourself to just off the floor in 10 little increments and then hold for 2secs. Raise yourself up again in 10 little increments back into the press-up position. Then do nine full press-ups and stop in the press-up position again, lower yourself in nine little increments and come back up in nine little increments. Next comes 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Put your knees down between sets if you have to.

134 2,000M Ergo Test On Concept 2

Warm up for a few minutes on the machine. Set it for a 2,000m timed effort and pull as hard as you can. The world records are around 5:36 for men and 6:28 for women in case you fancy your chances…

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