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220’s Winter Training Advent Calendar (Part 10)

Christmas is all about giving, so day 10 of the Winter Training Advent Calendar contains advice given to you by some top age-groupers...

62 Whatever the Heavens Throw Out, Try To Do As Many Outdoor Sessions as Possible

A change of scenery helps the time pass quicker than sessions on the treadmill or turbo

Anja Heijnen (2nd, F40-44, World Duathlon Champs, 2010)

63 Invest in Some Good-Quality Kit

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive, but having cold toes and fingertips can be a killer in the depths of winter. A good pair of gloves and warm overshoes can make the world of difference.

Mel Varvel (3rd, F40-44, World Duathlon Champs, 2010)

64 Don’t Get Too Hung Up On Hitting Every Weekend Full Bore

If the weather is rubbish, I know that missing one weekend won’t ruin the season and an impromptu day out with the family scores you mega smartie points. Don’t beat yourself up if you drop a session – you’ll do more harm to your mental state than you will lose fitness.

James Gilfillan (2nd, Ironman 70.3 UK 2007)

65 Get Yourself a Head Torch And Run Off-Road At Night

It’s great fun, good for your agility and more interesting than running on the roads. Just watch out for those rabbit holes!

Austin Mills (1st, Forestman 2009)

66 Leave the Country!

Not permanently, but at least for one training holiday in warmer climates if you can.

Eliot Challifour (sub-9hr Ironman)

67 Increase Your Strength

This is very difficult to do during the season, but an ideal activity during the winter months. It can be achieved by joining a circuit class once a week at the gym – you’ll be amazed at how weak you are! Triathlon training gets you aerobically fit, but doesn’t really create much strength. This kind of training also helps all-round fitness by preventing injuries.

Dan Corner (World Quadrathlon Champion, 2008)

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