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Shokz Openrun earphones review

Want some music to accompany you on your long runs? The Shokz Open run earphones may be just what you need...

Shokz Openrun earphones

Shokz (formerly AfterShokz) is a market leader in bone conduction headphones, and it shows with the brand’s Openrun earphones.

They’re an evolution of the Aeropex ones we tested here (scoring 93%), but they now come with quick charging, but we’ll come to that shortly.

Connectivity and comfort

First, let’s talk about connectivity. In truth, there’s not a huge amount to say, as they consistently paired quickly and easily with our iPhone and other devices.

To pair, it’s simply a case of holding down the volume up button until the earphones are on and Audrey (the voice that gives prompts) says ‘pairing’. Then all you need to do is select them from the Bluetooth settings on your device.

As with the Aeropex, the Openrun earphones proved comfortable and secure throughout testing. They’re constructed with a wraparound titanium frame and come coated in silicone.

What’s more, they weigh just 26g and once you’re used to them it’s pretty easy to forget you’re even wearing them.

Sound quality and weather protection

Sound quality is impressive for bone-conduction headphones, but understandably won’t impress as much as some top-quality over- or in-ear options.

But then, they do allow you to hear your surroundings – something that better-sounding over- or in-ear headphones won’t do.

On sound quality, we were also pleased to see minimal vibration, which isn’t the case with cheaper alternatives.

The IP67 water rating means they’ll be unphased by rain or sweat, but note that they’re not designed for swimming. If that’s what you’re after, check out our list of the best headphones for swimming.

Ease of use and battery life

With three buttons the Openrun earphones are simple to operate, too. You’ll get two volume buttons and a multifunction button.

The latter is used to turn the earphones on/off, pause/play songs, skip songs and carry out a few other functions. Once you’re familiar with the shortcuts, it becomes pretty intuitive.

Battery life is a respectable eight hours and, while you’ll get more from other types of earphones, it means most people will get away with charging the Openrun earphones once a week. We think that’s pretty good.

The other highlight here, which we mentioned earlier, is the new quick-charge function. This means you can get an impressive 90mins of battery from just 10mins of charge.

Verdict: A pair of great headphones get even better; hard to fault.

Score: 95%

Also consider…

Shokz Openrun Pro

If you like the look of the Openrun earphones we’ve reviewed here but wish it had a little more battery life, you’re in luck! Shokz has also launched the Openrun Pro headphones that deliver a similar performance to the standard options, but offer an increased battery life of 10 hours instead of eight hours.

They also come with the brand’s latest generation of bone conduction technology, enhanced bass and a carry case.

You’ll also get a faster charge time, with the Openrun Pros charging to 100% in just one hour vs the 90mins needed for the standard Openruns. However, all of these updates will set you back an extra £30.

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