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Reviews Review: 66Fit FTR Roller

66Fit FTR Roller

Ridged roller that directs pressure to the areas where it's needed most

Foam rollers are excellent for stretching out muscles between training sessions and this FTR (Finger Tip Ribbed) version comes with a ridged surface that’s designed to mimic a massage therapist’s fingers.

It’s a simple design – a 30cm long, 11.5cm diameter tube with grooved foam wrapped around the outside.

You use it like any other roller: put it on the floor and then roll the muscle you’re targeting over the top, working especially on tender areas – the trigger points.

It’s easy to vary the pressure by adjusting the weight you put on the roller.

The FTR Roller is quite firm and, although those ridges might look a bit gimmicky, they do work, allowing you to hit the areas you need to work on more accurately than normal.

It’s sturdy, too, and should last for years. The accompanying DVD gives you good technique advice, although you might want to take guidance on your own specific needs from a massage therapist or physio.

Contact : www.physiosupplies.com

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