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Reviews ‘Triathletes in Motion’ book review

‘Triathletes in Motion’ book review

Our reviewer takes a look at this new book for high-performance seekers, by Marc Evans

‘Triathletes in Motion’ book review

‘Triathletes in Motion’ book review

As you’d expect from publishers Human Kinetics – whose portfolio has an academic edge – this is one of the most thorough books on triathlon training you could ever wish to read.

The 356-page tome begins with the principles of training. Nothing new there. But then moves onto the core themes of the guide, which are posture and technique.

Author Marc Evans discusses how both affect your biometrics, which ultimately is the bedrock for peak performance across all three disciplines.

There are plenty of self-assessments to gauge aspects like flexibility and technique, and extremely detailed photos, illustrations and guidance to remedy flaws.

Insights from legends like Sarah Grodd and Dave Scott add a real-life edge – the latter’s core exercises are particularly useful and taxing – and it’s good to see a triathlon guide really home in on technique rather than pure fitness.

Though appropriate for all, it’s depth means it’s more appropriate for athletes who have plenty of time to train.

Verdict: One for the high-performance seeker. Very thorough, 81%

Contact : www.humankinetics.com

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