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Reviews Joe Friel ‘Fast After 50’ book review

Joe Friel ‘Fast After 50’ book review

Get an edge with this detailed look at the science behind ageing, stuffed with advice on how to resist declines in performance

Joe Friel ‘Fast After 50’ book review

With any area of life, understanding why something is happening gives you a vital edge, and this is Joe Friel’s acclaimed approach to tri training. He takes a look at the science behind ageing and then arms you with a host of ideas you can take into that battle against decline.

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The first half of this fascinating read (although we’d have liked a little more tri-specific advice from the multisport luminary) is devoted to the physiology of being over 50: how your aerobic capacity is declining, alarming wastage is occurring in some muscles and fat is appearing where it shouldn’t.

Cells are getting damaged and motivation is waning. As Joe puts it, it all seems like pretty bad news! Then the second half comes in: changing how you train, how you perform and, more importantly, slowing that decline. Use his advice wisely and your body will perform as you believe it should.

Verdict: A great book packed with superb endurance advice, 88%

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