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Reviews GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition

GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition

Battery life questions but still the best action camera around...

First off, a grumble. The Hero 3 doesn’t come with a memory card, which, for £280, is pretty poor. Setting that aside, the camera itself proves why GoPro is the market leader in sports video cameras.

The video quality is excellent and the large range of optional accessories and mounts provides plenty of options for filming. The camera itself is compact and very easy to use, with a small screen and few buttons. It can also link up to your iPhone through the GoPro app, using the phone screen as a viewfinder – an impressive touch.

Quality is as high as you’d expect, and it can do 960p at 48FPS, which is the highest resolution/FPS combination on test. Plus, it provides beautifully clear playback. An almost inevitable downside to all this is battery life. GoPro don’t give an estimation, but it did run down within a couple of hours. And although you can get an add-on battery pack and spare batteries, it’s an area that could be improved. Like the Nilox, it’s best suited for bar-mounting.

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