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Reviews CheckMyLevel body monitor review

CheckMyLevel body monitor review

CheckMyLevel body monitor tested and rated by our expert reviewer

CheckMyLevel body monitor review

CheckMyLevel review

Back in 2013 we tested the Omegawave system, aimed at determining your readiness to train by assessing heart rate variability (HRV).

The Finnish product went down well, though we questioned its full value due to its inability to measure muscular fatigue via the neurological system. Enter CheckMyLevel.

A daily 30sec assessment will guide you on the intensity of that day’s training. Simply attach the supplied electrode strip to your wrist and slip on the thumb sensor.

An imperceptible electric current stimulates muscle reflex recorded by the sensor that sends data via Bluetooth to the downloaded app on either your iPhone, iPad or Android product.

The app then gives you a rating out of 100% for readiness to train. It’s easy to use but, in contrast to Omegawave, it doesn’t gauge HRV so its use to gauge cardiovascular readiness is questionable.

That said, it works well with harder run sessions that stress your muscular system.

Verdict: Merge this and Omegawave and it’d be the perfect body monitor, 78%

Contact : www.checkmylevel.com

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