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Reviews Review: Mako X-Perience wetsuit

Review: Mako X-Perience wetsuit

A great value entry-level suit that punches above its weight

Mako X-Perience wetsuit

The nicely priced X-perience wetsuit from French-brand Mako (the brainchild of ITU elite Jess Harrison) uses smooth-skin neoprene throughout to keep costs down.

For a budget offering, the suit includes a few nice touches, such as a soft 1.5mm low-cut neck seal and top-down zipper, features that are absent on just about all other suits at this price point.

The 4mm body panels give it reasonable buoyancy, while the 1.5mm arms and shoulders mean that flexibility is actually very impressive – although the suit could be trading off a little warmth for enhanced mobility.

The manufacturing quality is excellent and gives it a really durable feel, with the fit snug, not restrictive, across the chest.

If we hadn’t clocked the price tag first, we would’ve assumed the X-Perience was a far more expensive suit. Like Mako’s top-end Extreme from last year’s grouptest, this is highly recommended.

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