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Reviews Huub Aerious wetsuit review

Huub Aerious wetsuit review

A lovely suit with two buoyancy options to suit your swim style

Huub Aerious wetsuit

Available in 3:5mm thickness (for those with a weaker leg kick) and 4:4mm (for stronger swimmers), the Aerious is Huub’s mid-range suit for 2014.

We tested the 4:4 this time around and definitely think that the neutral buoyancy it offers feels better for athletes with a good leg kick, reducing pressure on the lower back and allowing more effective use of the legs when sprinting.

The shoulder panels are very flexible, on a par with some of the very top-end suits we’ve tested, and the lack of super-soft bicep and calf panels (when compared with the £495 Huub Archimedes) is not particularly noticeable.

In fact, the suit’s probably nearly as quick as the Archimedes but is £150 less. The ‘Breakaway Zipper’, as pioneered by QR many years ago, is possibly useful if you’re racing ITU events where every second counts in T1, but for most of us it’s probably just a superfluous gimmick.

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