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Reviews Swim, Bike, Run: Our Triathlon Story

Swim, Bike, Run: Our Triathlon Story

Brownlees biography lacks depth but still worth a punt

Ghostwritten by BBC’s chief sports writer Tom Fordyce, this is a first-person account that charts the Brownlee brothers’ journey from West Yorkshire to the Olympic podium.

Breaking up the biographical are training tips to either integrate into your programme (“don’t become obsessed by the perfect diet”) or simply aspire to (“on a Lanzarote training camp we were running 64sec 400s over and over again”).

Alistair is known to be ruthless; Jonny is more submissive, but still focused on his own goals with a meticulous preparation bordering on OCD.

Fordyce extracts many anecdotes from the brothers to nurture these characteristics, which is great for the uninitiated but provides nothing particularly revelatory for committed followers; that said, it becomes clear that Alistair’s never been a fan of the BTF or sport psychologists.

It’s an entertaining enough read, but lacks the depth of classic sport biographies because of two unavoidable facts: they’re both very young and have enjoyed unparalleled success.

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